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by cucaiothegreat
9 Feb 2017, o 21:48
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Topic: Huge amount of miniatures for sale
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Huge amount of miniatures for sale

I have decided to downsize a little my mountain of lead to make space (and some cash) for new miniatures. The miniatures that I'm selling are surplus from my "collection" that are only taking dust and space on my already overloaded shelves. Many different models, both new and used - Warham...
by cucaiothegreat
11 May 2016, o 21:58
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Topic: Miniature Exchange 43 at
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Miniature Exchange 43 at

Hello everybody, I would like to do a little advertising for the Miniature Exchange on CoolMiniOrNot. I am current organizer myself and had joined as participant in many past exchanges. Partecipants feels that it can be fun to spread the word through other miniature forums to get more partecipants a...