Osha, Female Wildling

Fisher girl and Mephisto, or Osha and Roose Bolton

This time I just wanted to reduce the number of unpublished photos I had, so here are two miniatures I painted in late 2016: Osha and Roose Bolton.

Osha, Female Wildling
Osha, Female Wildling

Both miniatures come from Dark Sword Miniatures‘ George R. R. Martin Masterworks collection, but I painted them as completely different characters than their original names could suggest.

And so Osha became a fisher girl, while my Roose Bolton looks much more diabolical than he actually should.

Just my two interpretations of these models and I must say I had fun with Osha’s base. I don’t know if you can see it well, but there’s a large fish on it. Fun to paint. 🙂

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