Fantasy terrain stuff

Here is something for fantasy gaming – resin walls from Ristuls Extraordinary Market that I bought some time ago. They’re part of their Old Stone Wall Terrain set. IMHO the walls could be a little higher, but overall they’re OK. Painted fast and easy way: base + wash + drybrush, but the effect seems enough for the stuff that is just a background for your minis 🙂

I’m rather poor photographer, so here are pics on white background and in more “natural” surrounding (game mat).


I also painted medieaval/fantasy shed made of resin (2 pieces – base with walls and roof). I don’t know the manufacturer – I bought it from second hand already primed. It had quite many air bubbles to fill, but once I did that, the painting was easy part. I used yellow and brown tones, suitable for wood and hay. After painting I put some static grass and various trash to make it look more natural.


The miniatures shown for scale are Red Box Games ones – they are closest to 28mm scale.

It was quite a fun painting something different than usual.

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  1. Jak będę miał czas, to do grania 🙂 Na razie graty stoją na półce jak poprzednio, tyle że pomalowane.

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