Charity Raffle – Sometimes miniatures are more than just a fun hobby

Most of the time miniatures are just a fun pastime. Most people paint them, collect them, game with them. But sometimes they can serve a charitable purpose and help people in need.

Recently we have participated in the Nova Charity event, but now we have something much more personal. Something in support of people we know: our team-mate Kacpero and his son Leon.

Charity raffle with some contributions from us.

Let’s allow Kacpero to tell us about the whole event:

Kacpero explains the raffle:

Hello friends, today I wanted to share a very special project with you. Together with the Chest of Colors team, we decided to launch our very first charity raffle in aid of my son Leon.

By entering our raffle, you can have a chance to win awesome, professionally painted miniatures. The proceeds from the sale of tickets will go to fund the rehabilitation process of Leon.

We have prepared some amazing prizes for the winners, just check the list:

Prize 1

Games Workshop Blood Bowl The Skavenblight Scramblers team, professionally painted by the talented artist from the Chest of Colors painting group.

Skavenblight Scramblers blood bowl team
Skaven team for Blood Bowl

This set consists of 12 sneaky Skaven players, a set of tokens necessary to play the Blood Bowl and a nasty Rat Ogre manufactured by the Puppets War.

Prize 2

The Golden King of Abrakhân, manufactured by the Unreleased Miniatures and professionally painted by Pan Totti.

Prize 3

Games Workshop Aeronautica Imperialis The Aeldari Asuryani squadron, professionally painted by me.

This set contains a three each of the Nightwings and Phoenix Bombers.

So where does one find the raffle?

It’s easy! Just follow the link and find the raffle at the Rafall website. You can feel safe with the guarantee provided by Rafall, and try your luck at winning one of the three prizes, while also supporting a noble cause.

But what cause are we talking about? Continue reading to learn more.

Support Leon!

Leon is Kacpero’s son, an early child born in the 30th week of the pregnancy. From the first moments of his life he has been struggling to regain his health and dexterity. You can learn much more about him on the dedicated page on the fundraising foundation’s website.

Support Leon!

If you feel you can contribute to the cause and help the kid fight for a better life in the future, why don’t you check the raffle out, and who knows, maybe you can win one of the prizes, too? There’s still some time to buy a ticket.

Thanks for your attention and have a great day!

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