Painting Alpha Legion Armour

Hello Fellow Humans! I was asked recently for a colour recipe for my Alpha Legion army commision. So here it is!

  • Black basecoat
  • Base: Citadel Macragge Blue
  • 1st highlight: mix of Macragge Blue and Temple Guard Blue (2:3)
  • 2nd highlight: Temple Guard Blue
  • 3rd highlight: Temple Guard Blue + white (3:1)
  • Last step: few glazes of P3 Turquise Ink (Privateer Press) – very thin layers, well diluted paint

I was using airbrush and Citadel Airbrush Paints for this process, but P3 Ink is something crucial here.


Brewer’s Guild – Guild Ball

Hello Fellow Humans! Do you like skirmish wargames? Personally, I love skirmishes. I love them with unrequited love: always wanted to play one but recently I didn’t have a time to start.
Few years ago I tried Guild Ball and this is definitely one of my favourites (mob football in a steampunk-esque setting? I’m in!). I even had a chance to paint some Guild Ball commision. Here’s a full Brewer’s Guild painted and ready to hit the playing field. There was also a pretty cool, custom made Goal Post. Enjoy!

A Story about the Ghost Legion

Hello fellow humans. Times are pretty difficult for all of us, as Corona hits hard all around the globe. With the lockdowns, quarantines and other restrictions, all major hobby events and tournaments are cancelled. Even normal hobby activity such as wargaming seems to be limited.
I think we’re all missing large armies crushing their enemies in violent battles, and tons of painted regiments enyoing our eyes.
On the other hand, now we can spent time painting miniatures or showing some painted stuff, bringing back good memories. Well, I think I might have something interesting for you.

Sons of the Hydra

Sabotage and ambush, deceptive tactics of infiltration, azure-blue armour and Hydra iconography. Does it sound familiar to you?
Some time ago I had an opportunity to paint a bunch of models with Hydra icons on their shoulderpads. Today I want to show you some pictures of this misterious gentlemens.

The Serpents Lair

This commision consisted of various units, starting from daemonic hordes, through the heavy armoured vehicles, heroes, ending on well trained infantry. Some miniatures was converted to suits my clients vision.

Treacherous, but fancy

One of the highlights of this Alpha Legion force was Leviathan Dreadnought, beautiful model from the Forge World range. I even had a chance to paint some freehands on this heavy armoured slayer. I decided to make a combination of Hydras and Skulls. Even traitor’s warmachine need to have “clothes” with fancy patterns 😉 Dreadnought arms were magnetized to allow different weapon options.

So, how do you feel about this particular Alpha Legion force? Do you like it? If you want to view some more cool project feel free to visit my gallery. And if you are thinking about starting your own army, don’t hesistate to contact us. I’m sure we can help bringing your project to reality.

HeroForge dwarf

Hello again! This time I want to present you a Dwarf Barbarian.

HeroForge Dwarf

Wild and frenzied, this little fellow is ready to crush some skulls and make some necklaces out of teeth.

HeroForge Dwarf

The miniature itself comes from the HeroForge range. He’s a small-scale model but even with at this size he was a really pleasure to paint. Not overloaded with details, this miniature allowed me to put some artistic impression with some textures and freehand work.

HeroForge Dwarf

It was also a great exercise for skintone painting. More pictures in my galleryDo you like it? All C&C are welcome.

The bad, the worse and the space monkey

It’s time to introduce myself – and for an artist there is no better way to say “hello” than presenting a bunch of painted miniatures. For starters, I want to show you a small commision I did for a certain gamer. I was asked to paint 3 miniatures from Corvus Belli’s Infinity the Game range. My client’s faction is Combined Army, the most dangerous and terrifyng forces in the whole Infinity universe (seriously, don’t mess with these guys!).

Just look at them: strange, big guy with heavy armour and a very big gun instead of his arm, sneaky little alien with cosmic gun and (last but not least) evil monkey with (again) a suit of heavy armour and (guess what?) … a big gun!

How cool is that? 🙂

I think these three little fellows presents the variety of Combined Army creatures. Just add a very pleasant colour scheme chosen by the client and here’s the result: The Bad, The Worse and The Space Monkey 🙂
My goal was to make this miniatures a really fine addition to my client’s army. If you like it, you can check other great painted miniatures in my gallery.