It’s huge!

Recently I finished the biggest figure in my painting history – Druc, meat hulk from Mierce Miniatures. It’s huge piece of resin! The quality of the cast is really great – almost no mould lines and the texture of his cracked skin is just awesome. He assembled well, all the parts fitted perfectly, but nevertheless I used Milliput to hide the joints of his parts.

It’s also my first mini that I used airbrush not only for applying basecoat, but also for shading. It really saved me a lot of time. This is how he looked after skin shading with airbrush (before applying inks):

After that I applied Vallejo sepia ink and a drybrush with slightly lighter base color to emphasize the rich texture of his skin. I know it was a shortcut, but I didn’t want to paint every hollow separately. Then I used detail brush just to make last highlights on his skin. When I finished the skin, it was pretty much downhill (as he is almost 95% bare skin).
Here is finished “mini”. He stands on 100mm base, so you can see his size. On the last picture I placed 2 regular sized drunes (32mm size) for comparison.

And here’s second Ysian drunes archer (squad leader in a fact). He looks so tiny compared to Druc 🙂

As you can see, my drunes have gained massive support in form of Druc, meat hulk. And that’s not my last word in the subject of savage barbarians!


Toughest girls (of the galaxy!)

I receied my first minis from Raging Heroes Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter, so I painted 2 of them (another ones will surely follow).
Lucky Lucy, Spotter:

Natasha, Com Operator:

The quality of the casts is good, the details are sharp. There are some subtle mould lines. Some of the parts are really tiny (like arms), so it’s quite ticky to remove the mould lines and assemble the minis. One more thing – there is a mould agent on the casts, so you have to wash them really good in warm water with detergent. Otherwise the paint (even Foundation one) will not ‘catch’ the surface of the mini.