Between the Lines – Episode 2

Bases are very important for any miniature. They set up the mood and help to create a story behind the model. Usually they are made after completion of the painting work.


Szczurek’s approach to this issue is already legendary on our forum, as he first creates a base and only then thinks about a mini to put on it. Interesting, isn’t it?

I had to use one of his bases for Between the Lines. I had to.

X-Files. 20 years and 1 minute later.

X-files - Between the Lines #2

Enough of Szczurek’s works. Next episode of Between the Lines will showcase another painter.

Between the Lines – Episode 1

Everything was better, when we were young. Everything. Girls were prettier. Bands were playing harder. Beer was tastier. Miniatures were looking…

 Ok, they weren’t. But there was that special, magical feel about them, right?

 Everything was better when we were young. The best thing about those days was that we were young.

 TV series were better, too.

X-Files. 20 years later

X-files - Between the Lines #1

By the way, this is one of the Szczurek’s old paintjobs. I have a feeling we will see another one from him here in Between the Lines cartoon quite soon…

Between the Lines – Grand Opening

Do you have that feeling sometimes? I mean, you see a picture with painted miniatures and a story comes to your mind?

I have it quite often.

I believe you have it too. Your stories are – I guess – pretty serious. Nothing surprising, if you ask me. Miniatures we usually paint are just like that – serious. Dead serious. How could your stories not be serious then?

Mine are not. Well, frankly speaking – not always. And that’s how Between the Lines came to life. I began writing these less serious stories down. It all started when I saw this great diorama by Julien Casses, which had got him bronze demon at one of the GDs in 2009. It was brilliant, perfectly executed and painted, but there was one small detail which caught my attention. Picture is worth thousand words, or so they say, so I’ve made this strip for Julien instead of a more standard comment.

Lethal Weapon

War of Macragge - Lethal Weapon - Between the Lines #1

Let’s finish this first episode of Between the Lines with an invitation and fun contest.

First, I recommend you the Julien’s website – it’s just packed with miniature goodness. And now the contest… the first person to contact me with title of the film I quoted in this episode will get my congratulations.Wait, you haven’t expected a serious prize, have you?