Between the Lines – Episode 7

I’ve been told that I should pay more attention to issues important for painters, as Chest of Colors is the site for painters.


OK, if that’s what you ask for…

The first ever Between the Lines tutorial. I’ll deal with one very important issue. Beware though, it may turn upside down everything you knew about painting so far.

Colour Theory

Between the Lines: Colour Theory

Many thanks to Camelson, superb painter and friendly chap who let me use one of his minis as an example for my tutorial.

Between the Lines – Episode 6

We all have problems sometimes, more or less serious. We usually try to deal with them in many different ways.

One of the most popular methods is a prayer, mainly because it’s so easy. It doesn’t require much effort, does it? You just kneel, or light some candles, or draw a pentagram, or sacrifice some live beings… preferably all of these… and ask your mighty God, or Sigmar, or Cthulhu… preferably all of them, just in case…

Why would you want to waste your energy on attempts to overcome your problems if you can pray? Beware though, paths of gods are beyond our understanding, you might end with something you have not asked for.

God’s Gift

Between the lines - miniature painting cartoon: Chaos Gift by Iacton

This episode is sponsored by Iacton, a very talented painter whose works can be checked in his gallery.

Between the Lines – Episode 5

Some people say that we prefer things that we are familiar with – movies that we’ve seen in the past, songs that we’ve already heard – hence the popularity of sequels and covers.

Now, you could say this episode is a cover. Well, it’s not.

Cover of the video clip? No, not strictly…
Cover of the intro to the video clip? Yeah, that could be true.

Love In An Elevator On The Rocks

Between the Lines #5 - Miniature painting cartoon: Mrs. Tyler

This lovely Arwen Miss Tyler was painted by Chameleon, who was kind enough to give me permission to use the picture.

Between the Lines – Episode 4

End of the year… again. Maybe it’s the last one, if the Mayans and some prophets were right. Anyway, it’s usually this period when we think about passing time and another year coming.

Ah yes, we also think of our age around birthdays. We celebrate the day we were brought to this world, but we also try sometimes to forget how long ago it happened.

Now, miniatures are quite different when it comes to their age. They take pride in being “oldschool”, OOP, not available anymore…



 Between the Lines #4 - Miniature painting cartoon: Who's older

These two fine gentlemen were painted by our own zombie, master of rust and disease, Demi_morgana. It’s hard to beat his love to anything old and/or dead in the miniatures world, you know.

— Nameless

Between the Lines – Episode 3

Last words… Eventually, every single one of us will say these.

People say very surprising things when the time comes. Some are very serious:

“…it’s better to burn out than to fade away”

Others, not so:

“These curtains are killing me, one of us has got to go”

Some are still in a good mood:

“I’ve never felt better”

However, others may get quite upset at this stage:

“Get these fucking nuns away from me”

Yes, majority is definitely angry. This trampled Chaos Lord surely was…

Famous Last Words

Bohun's Dreadnought - Between the Lines #3


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: yes, it is a model painted by Bohun, but unlike one other dreadnought, this one was used WITH Bohun’s permission.

Oh, quoted last words are true and were used without any consent. I had a hard time to contact authors.