Back from Pyrkon 2014 with some loot

Last Saturday I had a very rare occasion to meet some friends from Chest of Colors authorities at big convention in Poznan – Pyrkon 2014.
The road was long and tiring but it was worthy every kilometer spent behind the wheel.
The convention was a total blast: there were tons and tons of attractions for just everyone interested in science-fiction or fantasy even a little bit: there were games (miniature wargaming, card games, larp from what I know and other), there were fans of post-apo movies and games properly dressed up and escorting zombie runaways, there were prelections, meetings with authors, meeting with game creators…
And that’s ‘s just what I managed to spot within very limited time I had a pleasure to spend at the place.
Why? Well mostly because I spend most of the time at miniatures glass cases watching entries for painitng contest (yes, there was also painting contest!) but also because I was actually just passing Poznan that day so my participation in the contest was something like a very enjoyable break in the tiring trip.

All in all I came back home the next day with 2 trophies (for zombie dragon and Scavvy gang), a little hangover, very good mood and even better memories. But I also met someone exceptional – a hint: it’s not a Santa…

I also met someone exceptional – a hint: it was not a Santa…

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