Shroooms! A Gloomspire Gitz army

It’s been quite a break from anything fantasy-related, so it came as a nice change of pace to do something that isn’t locked in power armour 😀

So here they are… goblins (which ara mushrooms) on squigs (which are also mushrooms) in a land of more mushrooms! The vibrant colours were a welcom turn form the grimdark of the 41-st millenium. I hope you like them!

In a Galaxy far far away….

Star Wars

It is a dark time for the Rebellion. The Empire pushes ever forward seeking to root out the rebel heroes. Cassian Andor is one such target. With the help of his trusted comrade – the K-2SO security droid he eludes the Empires grasp.

Tired of Cassians disruption of their operations, the Empire sends their best operative, Inferno Squad’s own leader – Iden Versio to eradicate this nuisance once and for all…..

Character introduction aside, here are my first works on Star Wars: Legion miniatures. Hope You like them and “May the Force be with You”

(rebel scum;)

Hydra (in)Dominatus!

While it’s been quite some time from the release of the awesome new 9rd Indomitus box set and these marines were done for quite some time now, I just now found time to share 😀

I must say that Games Workshop has gone all out when it comes to level detail on starter set miniatures. Once one was thrilled to see ornaments and purity seals on the heroes… and then this guy happened:

Turns out that even on low level painting commissions (this one is a lvl 1.5-2) there’s quite a lot to do just to have all elements picked out!

Anyway, the customer wanted a nice pre-heresy Alpha legion scheme. So I went to work with some metallics, GW contrast paints and… ta-daaam! The serpent strikes!

To make the army fit the pre-heresy scheme more, i added helmet crests by to give some variety (ok, I know the Alpha Legion each marine looks exactly the same, no squad marking or extras…. but that would be problematic in-game to find the sergeant;).

The problem with all starter set miniatures is that they are easy-to-build and so shoulderpads are attached to the body or arms. So since no shoulderpad swap was possible, I decided to give the characters and sergeants a free-hand scale pattern on the shoulder. This helps to merge the non-blue armoured characters like the Judicator to blend in with the rest.

The bases were made to fit the rest of the commission…. 3 sets of Necrons which I will show you soon, so stay tuned!

Vulkan lives!

Not in a very big mood to write stuff, because everyone likes dragons, flames, space marines… so no point in arguing that the Salamanders are awesome 😀

Here’s a recently finished PART of a BIG commission for the Sons of Vulkan. Featuring a few characters , Dreadnoughts and troops of the line. All nicely painted up in a bit more militaristic custom scheme than the usual lively green Games Workshop accustomed us to and Forge World decals.

Check out the gallery for pics, and be sure to follow for updates on the project as more units are coming up…. shortly 😀

Come to the dark side!

As Star Wars Legion rolls through the tabletop world, I couldn’t pass up a chance to paint a commissions of the (in my opinion) main character of the series… Darth Vader himself.

I had to give some thought towards how to do an all black miniature. Thankfully, with the help of Uncle Google I found some references detailing the composition (and materials used) for Vader suit which consists of glossy plastic, leather and fabric.

Then there’s the lightsaber. How to paint a cylindrical, transparent object which glows almost pure white from the inside so that it looking good on the tabletop from all angles, not just pure white. Went this way… hope you like it! And of course the glow…

Set on a Hoth themed base from The Empire Strikes Back (best of the series) makes the mini pop out more.