Forge World Chaos Decimator – Review

Hi there!

When I found out about the release of a Forge World Chaos Decimator and Chaos being my soft spot I just couldn’t resist ordering it. Additional benefit being the fact that now I can share this Forge World Chaos Decimator review with you. 🙂


I tend to order from Forge World early to get “fresh” moulds, and thus reduce the chances of miscast.

So, using my old habit when it comes to Forge World to order their releases early to get “fresh” moulds, and thus reduce the chances of miscast, I pre-ordered the Decimator and each weapon set right away. If I am not mistaken the release date was due on the 2nd of April and I received it on the 4th of April so kudos to them for shipping early (had I lived in UK I’d prolly had receive it before release so that’s a good point for them.)

Anyway onto the miniature!

Unboxing the Chaos Decimator for review

As you can see from the next picture, the body kit comes in a bag of 23 parts plus a standard 60mm base (not shown) and assembly instructions. In this Forge World Chaos Decimator review we will focus on the model itself.

Forge World Chaos Decimator - Review (1)

The weapons as for all dreadnoughts are sold separately. To my surprise, they now come into the same “new” blisters Games Workshop uses.

Forge World Chaos Decimator - Review (2)


As you can guess, and to my dread, you can recognize Finecast sprue and resin! I was starting to ramble and think about how many air bubbles I’d have to fix but I soon realised that this is not your everyday finecast. Both body and weapon’s resin is somewhat new (comparing to what FW used a year or so ago).

As you can guess, and to my dread, you can recognize Finecast sprue and resin!

To make this Chaos Decimator review more complete I should describe the material used. I am by no means professional when it comes to resin but I suppose this one is more or less from the same recipe as the Finecast one, but of much better quality. If you compare it to Finecast, this one is harder, while still being more flexible than what Forge World used to have. Like its finecast counterpart, it’s light and the mold lines are very easy to clean.

Casting quality

On this particular mini I found just a few mould lines, not badly placed (nothing in the way of details for example)

Also, as you can see from the pics, the details are sharp and crisp. To my relief the only air bubbles I found were on the resin excess you will throw away.

Overall I’d say that, unlike Games Workshop, Forge World has mastered this resin. This is what finecast should and must be. Great quality and no bubbles or any of the troubles we got used to see from Finecast.

Assembled Chaos Decimator

Anyway, I am cleaning and assembling it as I write this so for this Chaos Decimator review I’d just provide you with the official Forge World picture of the final product as I still have to magnetise all the weapons (which, considering how they are attached to their mounts shouldn’t be too difficult)

So this is the beast in its splendor:

Forge World Chaos Decimator - Review (3)

And the size comparison shot provided again by Forge World:

Forge World Chaos Decimator - Review (4)

Chaos Decimator review – Conclusion

To conclude, I think both gamers and painters alike would enjoy this mini. It is nicely detailed but without being overwhelming.

Being Chaos and rather big, it might prove to be more challenging to paint it up to competition standards than the Contemptor but I am sure we will see a few Decimators on the coming painting events! The dynamic posing and its size might also make it a good candidate for dioramas.

All in all I am happy with my purchase from Forge World, the quality of the sculpt and casting being very good, now we just need a cool Chaos Codex to come too!

— Ariakas

Maagaan from Bane Legions – Review

BaneLords and Bane Legions

So I bought a couple of blisters from the Banelords range and was asked to make a review about them.

For those not familiar with the brand, it’s a range of “heroic” 28mm miniatures made by the well known UK shop Maelstrom Games, commissioning various world renowned sculptors and painters to work on that range.

You can find the Bane Legions website here.

You can find 2 ranges there:

  • The “BaneBeast“, which consist of a range of big, nasty beasts which won’t be the focus of this review.
  • The “BaneLords“, which is a range of “human-size” miniature, heroes and standard-bearers for your fantasy armies. The review will focus on this range.

So for this review I’ll show you one of the three minis I got from them:

Maagaan, warlock of Baalor

Here’s the painted version on their website :

Photo: Maagaan from Bane Legion - review

Ok, it looks quite great on the picture right?

What you get for your money

What you get comes in the form of a classic blister:

Photo: Maagaan from Bane Legion - review

Once opened it looks like this:

Photo: Maagaan from Bane Legion - review


So, hopefully it shows from the picture but what you get is a very detailed “hard” resin mini.

The resin is what I’d call classic, unlike the Fine Cast one it won’t bend easily, it is more like Forgeworld one, just of much better quality. One word of advice, it breaks easily on wrists and ankles (noticed that on my elf standard bearers), so be careful while cleaning the mini.

Sculpting quality

On the cast/sculpt side, the details are great, very sharp. Not much to add, I hope the pictures talk for themselves:

Photo: Maagaan from Bane Legion - review

The parts comes with very little preparation work to do aside from the resin excess, there are of course some mold lines to remove but nothing bad, and pretty much no bubbles either. This is basically what I noticed from the 3 blisters I got from them so I guess they do have some great mold and casting process and some great quality control.

The assembly is also easy as they have put sockets to help the parts hold with glue.

Gamer says:

So overall, on the gamer side, what we get is an ever growing line of fine miniatures that will make great count-as heroes or standard bearers, especially for Warhammer Battle or Mordheim.

Painter says:

From a painter point of view, in my opinion you get a very nice, very well sculpted and detailed line of minis to toy with, they might not be too “conversion” friendly, but for me, this is definitely a nice painting range with either very dynamic or charismatic models.

— Ariakas