Darmowe warsztaty z techniki NMM w najbliższy weekend! / Free NMM workshops this weekend!

W najbliższy weekend organizujemy wraz z ScaleColor warsztaty na temat malowania techniką NMM.

Zainteresowanych zapraszamy na stronę informacyjną o wydarzeniu i prosimy o zadeklarowanie tam uczestnictwa.

Wstęp darmowy, liczba miejsc mocno ograniczona – decyduje kolejność zgłoszeń.

Warsztaty NMM

On this weekend we’ll have NMM painting workshops in cooperation with ScaleColor.

Please check the webpage about the event and declare your participation there in case you want to attend.

Free admission, number of participants very limited – on a fist come first served basis.

Hulk Buster & Co. – Blood Angels Death Company

We received a great photo from one person that we collaborated with on an interesting project – a small force of Blood Angels Death Company terminators accompanied by a Dreadnought, the Hulk Buster.

Hulk Buster - Shield of Baal Blood Angels Death Company
Hulk Buster – Shield of Baal Blood Angels Death Company

Most of the miniatures were painted by Irkuck, back in the time when he still had time for painting miniatures and was a member of our group, the dreadnought’s banner was painted by Thor, and the last models of the army were painted by Benathai. Oh, he hasn’t presented them yet? We’ll fix this little omission really soon. 🙂