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About 2000…

About myself

Hello and welcome in my profile!

So, what do you want to know about me? Everything? No, you don’t, trust me… 😀

My name is Sławek, but most people know me as Sławol 😉 Painting miniatures and modeling generally is what I love most. It’s not my only hobby, but I don’t have enough time for all of them because solar day is too short 😉 What do I like? My interests? Well, maybe a short compilation would be the best way to go: drawing/painting, sleeping, Coca Cola Zero, tortilla/burito, lasagne, music, motorization, aircraft, fire, psychology, sport, movies, reading books, photography, computers, graphic (Adobe, Corel)… And more… OK, I think that’s enough 😉

I paint mainly for my satisfaction and to improve my painting skills. Of course I accept commissions, so if you want me to paint something for you – just ask 🙂 I prefer true metallics and realistic style with weathering over NMM, but colorful painting is nothing strange to me 🙂 I like to paint on my highest level, but there is no problem to paint something to level 2 from time to time. Sorry, but it’s the lowest level that I accept and only for armies/regiments/squads, sometimes vehicles. The rest (heroes, lords, mounted characters and large scale models etc.) I would like to paint in higher level – 3 or 4.

Best regards to all and thanks for coming here!

Peace and love.

Selected awards and achievements

  • Bronze in Sci-Fi Single Miniature category at Wojenny Mlot 2005, Poland
  • Bronze in Warmachine category Golden Demon Poland 2008
  • Bronze in Open Category at Van Gork’s Sunflowers 2011 in Poland
  • Organizer of “Grey Seer” painting competition in Gorzow Wlkp.
  • Co-organizer miniature tournaments in Gorzow Wlkp.
  • Judge at Grey Seer (2010)
  • Judge at Grey Seer (2011)
  • Painting official paintjobs for MaxMini and Puppetswar

Availability for commissions

I am only interested in commissions involving:

  • Mostly single models: fantasy, SF, busts, monsters, 54mm and so on.
  • Occasionally whole armies, dioramas and units, but feel free to ask if You want 🙂
  • Level 2-4 for armies/regiments/squads, sometimes vehicles.
  • Level 3-4 for the rest (heroes, lords, mounted characters and large scale models etc.)

Featured works

These are a few selected works that I consider noteworthy:

Terminator Chaplain

Forge World Nurgle Dreadnought

Gatling Platform


Examples of levels

Level 4

Forge World Nurgle Dreadnought

Level 3

Terminator Chaplain

Level 2

Mournful Knights

Level 1

Dwarf Engineer

My works

Visit my gallery to see my works.