6th Chest of Colors Miniature Exchange is here

As you surely remember, Miniature Exchanges became our community’s tradition. We can enjoy them thanks to the coordinator of Chest of Colors Miniature Exchanges, Nameless, who prepared something for our faithful readers again!

He says that you know something was well done when people come back for more. As his PM box got full of requests for another Mini Exchange, he knew it was the time to keep the promises he had made. 🙂

6th Chest of Colors Miniature Exchange

Yes, we have yet another Miniature Exchange. We invited our users to take part in the 6th Chest of Colors Mini Exchange. If you received an invitation from us, this means you meet this edition’s requirements. And if you didn’t, well, nothing is lost. There can always be another chance, so read the rules, check this editions requirements and you will be prepared for the kind of conditions you will have to meet to qualify for our future Chest of Colors Miniature Exchanges.

So let’s move on to the rules…

Rules of the 6th Chest of Colors Mini Exchange

  1. If you want to participate, send the following data to Nameless’ e-mail address (PMs, e-mails sent to other addresses, phones etc. won’t be accepted – Nameless doesn’t care if he has your address already; send the above data as requested and Nameless will reply to confirm receipt of your application) by the 23rd of December:
    • Chest of Colors nick
    • first and last name
    • post address
  2. You need to meet at least one of the following requirements at the announcement date if you want to participate (We have the database, so you don’t need to check this information by yourself ;)):
    • membership in the Chest of Colors group or the Chest of Colors Painting Studio
    • at least 30 posts since the 5th Miniature Exchange
    • at least 25 “thanks” received since the 5th Miniature Exchange
  3. Nameless will randomly choose a recipient for each of the participants by the 30th of December. You will only receive an e-mail including data concerning your recipient. This means that you will know who you are painting for (of course), but you will not know who is painting for you.
  4. You have ca. 2 months to paint a single 25-35mm mini on foot. Mini needs to be sent on the 4th of March 2013 (Monday) at latest. Please send me an e-mail to the aforementioned address to confirm shipping and receipt of a mini. Avoid delays if possible. We all know that life can get in your way and shit happens all the time. That’s why we are giving you 2 months for painting. It’s more than enough. If you have some true problems to finish your mini, please let me know in due time. Do not run away from us, we’ll find a way to resolve such situation. Please, take your time now and think about your commitments for next few months. Are you sure you can paint a mini in 2 months?
  5. It’s up to you what mini you choose for your recipient. Nobody expects you to paint to a contest-winner standard, but a bit of effort is of course welcome. It’s about having fun, surprise and sending gifts to fellow painters and members of Chest of Colors.
  6. We like the element of surprise in our Mini Exchanges. Do not let your recipient know that you are painting for him/her and/or what you are painting for him/her.
  7. Take a photo of a mini you painted. We’ll have a special thread opened for posting ME pics. Do not comment on minis there, it will only serve for showcase purposes. You are of course allowed to post pics in your own thread to have some discussion about your paintjob.
  8. Minis need to be shipped as registered letters/packages. Please leave your receipt for future reference.

Want to participate?

Now the 6th Chest of Colors Miniature Exchange became a fact. The deadline for sending your applications has passed and if you want to participate in a Miniature Exchange here, stay tuned for the announcement (it’s best to follow our miniature painting forum for this purpose) and prepare to meet the conditions of participation. And in the meantime why don’t you check the galleries of our previous Miniature Exchanges.

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to ask them in comments or in the forum.

Thank you for your time. Good luck and all the best for the holiday season!

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