Fulgrim the Phoenician from Forge World – painted

Fulgrim the Phoenician, was the primarch of the Emperor’s Children legion of Space Marines. He played an important role during the Horus Heresy and eventually became a daemon prince of Chaos. This model depicts him in his more loyal version.

Some time ago I got a request to paint Fulgrim the Phoenixian. A part of the request was to include two modifications to the ForgeWorld model – change his head and his sword. The idea was that the customer didn’t want him to look like a crazed madman, but more like a confident swordsman. One that is worthy of wielding the Emperor’s sword.

Fulgrim, the Phoenician
Fulgrim, the Phoenician

We looked up some reference images depictumg Fulgrim the Phoenician, and I must say there were many interesting images, but we needed one that would look good in the smaller scale, so we went with this image from

"Roses of Fulgrim" by Nephilim Amriagiath
“Roses of Fulgrim” by Nephilim Amriagiath

The face had features which could look good enough even on a small-scale model, here’s a closeup of the face from the artwork:

Fulgrim's face detail from the "Roses of Fulgrim" picture by Nephilim Amriagiath
Fulgrim’s face detail from the “Roses of Fulgrim” picture by Nephilim Amriagiath

We designed and sculpted the custom head sculpted. And after 3d-printing it, we used it for the model, just like the requested sword. The base is removable, which allows to use the model both for gaming and for display purposes.

Working on this model was really enjoyable, especially because we managed to collaborate on it with Kacpero. I hope we get a chance to do something interesting together again! 🙂

I hope you like my version of Fulgrim. 🙂 And if you would like us to paint something for you, just send us a message with your request. 🙂

Fiori the Dragonborn from Hero Forge

Sometimes you just can’t show something you painted for some time because it needs to remain a secret. Or a surprise. That was the case with this model, Fiori the Dragonborn.

This model was ordered as a gift for another person, so despite having it painted some time ago, we didn’t publish the photos to avoid spoiling the surprise…

… and then we forgot to post them. 🙁

But they are here, another fun model created with the Hero Forge creator and printed by us. If you would like us to print and paint something for you, too, just let us know and we’ll respond to your message. 🙂

Painting Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniatures was fun!

We had the pleasure of painting Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniatures. They are really good and fun to paint, even though assembling them can be a bit less enjoyable.

This was a fun project, which allowed us to get many painters involved. A perfect example of team-work approach to painting Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniatures!

Let’s start with a big smash. Well, a smashing miniature of a big character. And a small one to accompany him, too. Here goes Groot and Rocket:

Next we have Gamora and Nebula:

Then it’s Thor and Valkyrie:

More Asgardians, Loki and Hela:

Moving to Wakanda, we’re presenting you Black Panther and Killmonger:

And some more Wakandans, Shuri and Okoye:

The Winter Soldier and Vision are next, and if you are familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, their connection to Wakanda is not difficult to find:

We need some more villains, don’t we? Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight should do:

Finally we have two big guys. Single model per box and these models are actually pretty beefy.
First – Venom. We painted him in the comic style and it was fun!

And the last one is the one we haven’t posted elsewhere. We kept the final mini (even if it’s pretty simple) for the visitors of our website. And who knows, maybe it will stay this way? 🙂
Introducing The Incredible Hulk!

That’s it for this project, but don’t worry! We have painting Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniatures in our plans again, and there’s a diorama you might want to see, so stay tuned for more. 🙂

And if you would like to get your own Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniatures painted, just let us know about it and we will get in touch with you to arrange everything. 🙂 We also do other miniatures, but you surely know it already. 😉

The Northern Giant Werewolf bust from Kacpero

I wish Kacpero had posted this great paintjob before. I just can’t stand not having it on our website, so here it goes: The Northern Giant Werewolf in all its glory!

The model itself has been sculpted by André Yamaguchi. For a short time it was available as a painted statue from Mixed Dimensions.

Kacpero was lucky enough to get a copy that he could paint his own way. So he modified the author’s concept a bit and upgraded the paintjob, beyond the standards of prepainted collectibles.

If you have any statues you would like to get repainted, why don’t you tell us about them, and I am sure we can help you get them painted properly.
It’s possible they will turn out as cool as this Northern Giant Werewolf bust!