Ultramarines Primaris Space Marine bust

I have painted two versions of this Ultramarines Primaris Space Marine bust, and here is the newer one:

About a girls

Hello Fellow Humans!

Here’s my recent commision – a pack of beautiful (and deadly) ladies. These kind of girls never go out without makeup (and razor sharp blades). For this reason, I was obligated to gave them a proper skincare (or skintone) treatment and take care of their elastic outfit (glossy stockings FTW!).

Quality or quantity? Why not both!

I painted unit of 20 models and I think Im able to paint like dozen of more. What is very exceptional in this case, they are mounted on different themed bases (8 type of environment – it’s like 8 seasons) which gives 160 bases painted in total!

I think I’m kind of basing expert now. Pretty cool 🙂

As always more pictures in my gallery.

To the next time!

Hydra (in)Dominatus!

While it’s been quite some time from the release of the awesome new 9rd Indomitus box set and these marines were done for quite some time now, I just now found time to share 😀

I must say that Games Workshop has gone all out when it comes to level detail on starter set miniatures. Once one was thrilled to see ornaments and purity seals on the heroes… and then this guy happened:

Turns out that even on low level painting commissions (this one is a lvl 1.5-2) there’s quite a lot to do just to have all elements picked out!

Anyway, the customer wanted a nice pre-heresy Alpha legion scheme. So I went to work with some metallics, GW contrast paints and… ta-daaam! The serpent strikes!

To make the army fit the pre-heresy scheme more, i added helmet crests by www.puppetswar.eu to give some variety (ok, I know the Alpha Legion each marine looks exactly the same, no squad marking or extras…. but that would be problematic in-game to find the sergeant;).

The problem with all starter set miniatures is that they are easy-to-build and so shoulderpads are attached to the body or arms. So since no shoulderpad swap was possible, I decided to give the characters and sergeants a free-hand scale pattern on the shoulder. This helps to merge the non-blue armoured characters like the Judicator to blend in with the rest.

The bases were made to fit the rest of the commission…. 3 sets of Necrons which I will show you soon, so stay tuned!