Commissions – the new way!

Our team has been doing commissions for quite some time now. But as time passed, our approach and our customers’ expectations evolved. Recently we have come up with a way to handle things in a pretty much new way. We believe you are going to like it!

Commissions Done The Old Way

If you were following us before or have inquired about our painting services in the past, you may know that we have always had a very individual approach to every project. And I mean not only approach to painting and interpretation, but also pricing of our commissions. I mean, there was no standardized price list, but every artist sent their own pricing. While it was good and popular and worked well, it had one downside: It still didn’t use the full potential of what we could offer!

Now that we managed to rework some things, but also when our artists got quite busy with their projects and assignments, we can offer you a totally new approach! We have tested it in a few cases and so far has been even more successful than what we had been doing before. This makes me regret we hadn’t done it earlier…

But what does it mean for you?

Commissions Done The New Way

The change is that we added another option to what we can offer, more standardized pricing. This means that as long as you don’t insist on having a particular artist for your project, we can use our team as a collective. Whoever is available, can do the project, under the guidance of a lead artist. In most cases it’s Ańa, but in certain cases we may discuss somebody else directing the project. This allows us to use our resources better, and this gives you quicker turnaround and better prices.

We have been testing this way of operating and training Ańa in leading artistic direction of our project. It’s what she’s been doing as a master painter and lead artist during our involvement with Mixed Dimensions.

What’s in it for us? We can relieve the painters who are overburdened with commissions and give some more work to these who are available. And what’s in it for you? Quicker turnaround and better prices, often even for the top painters. How? Well, sometimes a painter may have an idle period between projects. Then they may accept a project for less than they usually would. But we cannot guarantee that you’re going to get the painter of your choice (although wee may discuss the direction of your project).

Do you want an example?

Example of a commission handled the new way

Let’s say you want a space marines army painted. Optimally you would like painter A to paint it, but it’s not really a set-in-stone decision. Previously you would only receive prices from our available and interested artists:

Painter A: price XXX, estimated 3 months to complete, can start in 6 months
Painter B: price YYY, estimated 2 months to complete, can start in 1 month
Other painters didn’t provide their offers

Now we can also add the standardized price, for the “team”. Usually it’s lower than individual prices and also usually faster than before. So now you would be getting something like this:

Painter A: price XXX, estimated 3 months to complete, can start in 6 months
Painter B: price YYY, estimated 2 months to complete, can start in 1 month
Our team: price ZZZ, estimated 1 month to complete, can start in 1 week.

So your choice is not limited to one particular painter or a combination of a few, you can also choose the team as a whole. Moreover, you can suggest the artists you would be the most interested in, and maybe we can make it happen. We just cannot guarantee it because the artist may get their own project in the meantime.

When would you choose the team option?

Unless you are going for a showcase quality project, when a particular style is what you really want, the team option may be better for you. You will get your models faster, you will probably get them done cheaper, and still your work will be directed by one of our most experienced painters.

So for armies, warbands, or gaming minis in general, this may be the option for you!

And when would I rather choose a particular painter?

If you want a particular artist to handle your project for any reasons. Because they’ve done a part of it before. Or because you simply like their style and want it for your models. Or maybe they are an artist whose works you want in your collection, then waiting may be a secondary thing and price is something you agree to pay if it is required to get a particular painter to handle your project.

We’re not canceling this option, just adding a new one for those who may wish to use it! And it has proven pretty popular so far! 🙂

Give it a whirl!

Now that we’ve explained this new concept to you all, why don’t you consider it and give it a whirl when you ask for the next project? It may be just the solution you want! And why don’t you let us know what your thoughts on this new concept are. Thanks!