Summer update

Hello Fellow Humans!

It’s been busy around here 🙂 some cool minis has been painted recently, some awesome projects started. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to update my gallery and write few words for my blog.

Now its changed, you can check some of my newest paintjobs here.
Thanks to Rejven, I had the opportunity to paint two brand new GW kits: Daemonifuge (known also as Ephrael Stern & Kyganil) and Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus.

What a fantastic miniatures! I love their design and their mood.

I was aiming for good tabletop quality and I think I met my goal. Whole process was a real pleasure, from assembling to painting and basing and I hope I will have some more projects like this in the near future.

Till the next time!

Plague Marines commission completed!

Finally, I can share some photos of the commission work done lately!

It came to me in two parts – Dark Imperium Nurgle minis and Renegade Knight + Armiger Helverins. While painting Dark Imperium was really quick and easy – standard miniatures, on a Basic Table-Top level, the Knights detachment was little more challenging 😉

My main assumption when painting for a Basic standard lvl is to make things really quick and easy, as much as I can, but with a good, clean and well-looking finish, at least at the first sight 😉
Citadel Washes and Contrast paints are just perfect for that, and I used them a lot here.

To achieve the certain shade of green, I started with painting Plague Marines’ armour using an airbrush, then painted some details and metallics, and then, almost dipped whole miniature in Agrax Earthshade to create shading and dirt.

The Bligh Drone was painted using the same techniques as the Plague Marines, it just took some more time to paint such big surfaces 😉

Then, the time has come for the horde of Pox Walkers – only 10 of them are in the pictures – It’s half of the amount I’ve painted, rest are just exactly the same 🙂

They are almost 100% Contrast Paints, with the solid coat of Agrax Earthshade at the end to make them fit better with Marines.

As I said Before – the real struggle begun with the big boys. They are not only very big and detailed miniatures, that comes in many, many parts – I also had to customize them a little bit, to fit the Chaos standards better and please the Papa Nurgle. Nonetheless, they are still in Basic lvl painting (and modelling), so nothing so very amazing or unusual here, just some spikes, horns and pimples 😉

Da Biggest Boi n da Hood was in need of the fourth arm, to make the emperors minions evaporate even faster!
So, I had to build one from the scratch, using some modelling putty, bass guitar strings, plastic pipes, and some old bits and rubbish.

Of course, all of his arms are magnetized to make weapon swaps quick and easy!

That’s all for now, but some very cool and exciting projects are in progress, so stay tuned for more, cheers!

Of inspiration and references – Babayagha, the black mother

Many miniature painters don’t address the subject of inspiration or references, but in fact they are very important to their creative process. First, they help to imagine details, then it also helps to make progress.

How I process inspiration and references

For me this is the most important, because usually I mostly know what mood I want to achieve, I can feel the main colors, I’ve got the main picture – a leitmotiv. But to make the figure deeper, more believable, I look for more details. I sincerely encourage you to create your own reference base for your models.

Let me explain how I processed my inspiration for the Babayagha, the Black Mother model from Karol Rudyk Art.

Babayagha, the Black Mother painted by Anna "Ańa" Machowska, 2020
Babayagha, the Black Mother (more photos at the end of the article)

Babayagha, the Black Mother

“A witch ought never to be frightened in the darkest forest… because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her.”

Terry Pratchett

This is the leitmotiv that I had in my Pinterest folder with cool themes for future reference, and it was obviously the connection for me.

Basic inspiration for the face

As you can see, my model is modified and has four hands instead of the original two. Ths idea came up during a conversation with my friend Benathai.

I checked where I would like to put light on model:

I completed selecting the colors…

Now you see how professional it was 😉

…. and looking for details:

The most difficult part is painting the face. That is why I was looking at for pictures of actress or a public person. Especially if you are a beginner in painting faces, thanks to this you can find many shots of such a person and create a character study.

This time my inspiration was Emma Watson:

So now, having all the refrerence images collected, I could start painting and you know what I came up with. 😉

More pictures

If you want to see some more pictures of my Babayagha, here they are:

I hope to have a chance to paint more of Karol’s models in future. 🙂

#faceyorart challenge