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Necron – the new (well, old) and the old (well, very old)

With all the hype around the new Necrons coming out in the new edition of Warhammer 40k (if by any chance you live under a rock, here’s the trailer for the 9th edition of WH40K)

I dug up some pics from a commission I painted a while back (5 years!) – good old Necrons of which we might not see miniatures again! The custom colour scheme was something quite different, though with the passing of time i see how my skills have improved. Take a look, feel a bit nostalgic… and ready Your wallets for the HUGE amount of new Games Workshop metal skeletons coming within the next months!

A big “hello” to everyone!

Hi everyone! I’ve actually been around quite some time, lurking in the shadows, building up a portfolio of (at least half-) awesome miniatures to show to the world.
While i’m struggling to appease the Machine Spirit of my camera, bear with me when it comes to the picture quality – it should improve over time… so should my painting skillz 😀

Here’s a small batch of stuff I’ve done more recently – since most are parts of larger commissions, I will be dropping updates in parts, all of which can soon be found in my gallery. Because honestly, you would get sick of seeing 100 yellow Imperial Fists or Death Guard (ok, getting sick here makes sense) REALLY fast 😀


Brewer’s Guild – Guild Ball

Hello Fellow Humans! Do you like skirmish wargames? Personally, I love skirmishes. I love them with unrequited love: always wanted to play one but recently I didn’t have a time to start.
Few years ago I tried Guild Ball and this is definitely one of my favourites (mob football in a steampunk-esque setting? I’m in!). I even had a chance to paint some Guild Ball commision. Here’s a full Brewer’s Guild painted and ready to hit the playing field. There was also a pretty cool, custom made Goal Post. Enjoy!