Arena Rex Aquila

This is my first miniature from Arena Rex Legio XIII starter – Aquila.
Arena Rex miniatures are made of resin. On the basis of miniatures from starter set I can say that the quality of the cast is really good, there were no air bubbles. The only drawback is the resin itself – it is very heat sensitive, so using hairdryer to speed up drying time of paint was almost impossible. The mini bent after this operation and I had to straighten it’s thin parts (like leg or sword).

Mother Hermione’s Host part 3

Here is substantial reinforcement of Mother Hermione’s Host in form of two knights with seriously looking two-handed weapons. Sir Richard of Chalton with head chopping sword and Captain Carson of Guilling with bone crushing mace. It could not be more serious than that!

Here are all 8 figures from the warband painted so far:

Mother Hermione's Host
(click to see bigger photo)

I have only two more left 🙂