Pssst, they are coming…

Who is coming?” you may ask. Well, since I recently started watching The Walking Dead I wanted to paint a couple of apocalypse survivors. I also wanted to try painting a bit larger miniatures than 28-32 mm I usually paint. Scale 1/35 (~50 mm) seemed perfect. Not too big and not so small. There is quite a lot of miniatures in this scale that suit my plans, including Apocalypose Survivors from Evolution Miniatures. This is the first of two from the set. The miniature in 1/35 scale (especially the one I painted) is much more detailed than the one in 32 mm scale. There is more to paint but the effect is IMHO better.

I will name the painted miniatures in this project after The Walking Dead characters (even the ones that already died – there is quite a lot of those)

This one looks kinda old, so I will call him Survivor Dale. More survivors will join the group. Maybe even some zombies will appear 😉

Giant Purple Worm

Here is Giant Purple Worm from Gale Force Nine. Except that he’s purple and really big, he has lots of teeth, so be aware! He can appear out of nowhere (from the below ground to be precise) and devour unlucky adventurer.
As with other large miniatures, airbrush really helped to speed up the painting process. After spraying with basic colors (purple for the most area and beige for underbelly) I appled dark wash. After that I worked on details with precise brush.

HeroForge dwarf

Hello again! This time I want to present you a Dwarf Barbarian.

HeroForge Dwarf

Wild and frenzied, this little fellow is ready to crush some skulls and make some necklaces out of teeth.

HeroForge Dwarf

The miniature itself comes from the HeroForge range. He’s a small-scale model but even with at this size he was a really pleasure to paint. Not overloaded with details, this miniature allowed me to put some artistic impression with some textures and freehand work.

HeroForge Dwarf

It was also a great exercise for skintone painting. More pictures in my galleryDo you like it? All C&C are welcome.