The bad, the worse and the space monkey

It’s time to introduce myself – and for an artist there is no better way to say “hello” than presenting a bunch of painted miniatures. For starters, I want to show you a small commision I did for a certain gamer. I was asked to paint 3 miniatures from Corvus Belli’s Infinity the Game range. My client’s faction is Combined Army, the most dangerous and terrifyng forces in the whole Infinity universe (seriously, don’t mess with these guys!).

Just look at them: strange, big guy with heavy armour and a very big gun instead of his arm, sneaky little alien with cosmic gun and (last but not least) evil monkey with (again) a suit of heavy armour and (guess what?) … a big gun!

How cool is that? 🙂

I think these three little fellows presents the variety of Combined Army creatures. Just add a very pleasant colour scheme chosen by the client and here’s the result: The Bad, The Worse and The Space Monkey 🙂
My goal was to make this miniatures a really fine addition to my client’s army. If you like it, you can check other great painted miniatures in my gallery.

3D Bases Modular Terrain – Review

Recenty I received my 3D Bases Modular Terrain from Manorhouse Workshop that I purchased through their Kickstarter campaign ended over 1 year ago. Time passes so quickly… Anyway, since I have those bases in my hands I decided to share my first impressions with you.

Each base is a square 30 x 30 cm (approximately 12 x 12 inches) and is designed to be used with miniatures in the 25-35mm scale range. They are made of rubbery material – after being bent or squeezed they regain their original shape. This means that they should not be damaged easily. I will not test them too violently in case they nevertheless happen to break 🙂
I ordered total 18 bases, which allows me to build 90 x 180 cm terrain. That occupies the whole table! I did not have place to present them all at once, but here are just 6 Abbey bases building 60 x 90 cm wargame terrain:
3D Bases Abbey
(click to see bigger photo)

Since the bases are square, even a few of them can be put in almost endless combinations. This allows to build many different sceneries.

There are some little miscasts caused by air bubbles durring casting process, but this is nothing that cannot be fixed with some Green Stuff. I noticed those imperfections only on the most elaborate bases. More flat ones are cast perfectly.

The material can be painted and I plan to paint and show you finished examples quite soon. Maybe I will even make step-by-step painting article 🙂

As you can see the design of those bases realy varies – from quite flat terrain like stone slabs, through more bulging bocage terrain. And top of the tops are broken column and ruined abbey bases – these are really great pieces that stand up to 5 cm above ground level. It is basically ready diorama. You just need to paint it. Stark texture of those bases should be a good help in wash and drybrush technique.

Below are photos of all the 3D bases I acquired:
Stone Slabs base
Stone Slabs
Straight and Curve Road bases
Straight Road
Curve Road
Straight and Intersection Bocage bases
Straight Bocage
Intersection Bocage
Broken Column
Broken Column
Abbey bases

Here are bases with 30mm figures for scale. Now you can see the real size of the terrain. There is a lot of place for many figures even on single base.

I also received some resin freebies from KS campaign: wooden bridge, 4 skeleton remains, altair and a throne. They will make nice addition to my dioramas.

Retail price of those bases varies from 8.50 EUR for flat bases to 21.50 EUR for the most elaborate ones. Is it much? Considering the fact that I would not make such imaginative bases myself (and certainly not from such durable material) it is a fair price. I received product ready to paint and use in wargames or just for miniature display. That saved me a lot of precious time. If only the quality of some casts was better 🙂 Then it would be perfect product!

Orc Pilot Bust

I was always a big fan of orc models and wanted to paint them for many years. Unfortunately nobody seemed to share my opinion, so I had to do it regardless of commissions and such, only for my own fun. And this orc pilot bust from Kromlech seemed like a perfect choice!

Of course the official box art painting is so good that trying to paint another standard orc would be of no use – why do something that has been done already? No need to copy somebody else’s ideas…

So I came up with my own concept! 🙄

Monument to an orc pilot

Orc Pilot Bust
Orc Pilot Bust – the whole model

Instead of painting him as an actual orc, I decided to make him a statue, a monument to a nameless orc pilot (or: the “collective” pilot). Orcs do honor their heroes in their own specific way, don’t they? 😉 But instead of making it bronze or stone, I went for a more crystal-like look, plus more realistic equipment. Just as if the statue was partially made from actual items or… trash. 😀

Small touches for fun…

If you pay enough attention to the model, you will see small pigeons pooping on the monument, depriving it of its remaining glory, much in the traditional orcish disrespectful way. There’s also some moss and grass growing on the statue, just as some might expect…

Orc Pilot Bust
Orc Pilot Bust

Then there’s the base, spotted with pigeon excrements and covered with propaganda posters calling all orcs to war (or: waaagh ;)). These are mostly based on actual war posters, but modified to suit the theme.

I hope you like the unorthodox approach to the model I took, and don’t mind the tongue in a cheek interpretation of the model. I think I had enough fun painting it and after being awarded for it at the show in Toruń,  don’t need it in my cabinet anymore ;), so if any of you feel like having such a model, why don’t you contact us about it?

Thanks for your attention and cheers!

This model is available for sale now. If you are interested in adding it to your collection, contact us, please. 🙂



Today I want to show You model I painted as a gift for Mahon. It’s a great mini, one from the Myconids set sculpted by Kamil “Smok” Milaniuk. I wanted to add to it a bit of Nurgle theme 😉

Best regards,