Got my Mantis Miniatures stuff!

Thanks to Artur from Mantis Miniatures I may actually be able to finish the Orc Pilot Bust I’ve been working on!

I love having some spare modeling bits from Mantis Miniatures. If you haven’t had a chance to hold them and see them in the flesh, I suggest checking the video out.

I don’t know how does one make a scorpion as small as a vinegar fly, but this is the scale which makes my shaking hands really annoying. 😉

Archaon of Tzeentch?

This miniature is not really new, it dates back to late 2015, but I still haven’t posted the photos here until now.
The reason was that I was not quite happy with the quality of photos.

Archaon of Tzeentch
Archaon of Tzeentch

Unfortunately there was no way of re-taking them, so all I had was a batch of photos taken in quite sharp light, some of them slightly blurry, and so on. While you can see the kind of direction I took with this model, some subtleties are lost under what became a reflective glossy surface thanks to the strong light here.
Well, sometimes you cannot get what you want…

The general request was to take the Archaon model and turn it into a lord of Tzeentch, with a big cloak and huge banner, all decorated with freehand paintings. I think it was the last model I did in this theme, and in result of my escape from blue Tzeentch models I turned towards the Slaaneshi ones that I am still painting…

My inspiration for the freehands here were some occult symbols and pictures I had in my collection. I was pretty happy with this model and am still not really satisfied with the photos. Not showing this model would be a mistake though, so here it is in all its 2015 glory!

Sands of Time (Myersalome)

You will find no Prince of Persia here, even though the title can be misleading. I used it for my scene with Myersalome, Queen of Havoc.

The model was released by Morland Studios and I used a resin wall that I had in my bits box. I think it was a part of a Fenryll model that I painted in the first years in the miniature painting hobby. 😀

My version differs from the original concept art and no longer can be considered a representation of Myersalome. The original concept art is undeniably adorable. Unfortunately the subtle facial features didn’t translate well to the sculpted model…

Myersalome (concept art)

So I decided to take an alternate direction, and made mine an Arabian-themed sorceress, standing next to a portal leading to another reality, plane or land.

To counterbalance the heavy composition on the right I placed the dragon a bit differently than in the original version.

It was an interesting project to work on, I could play a bit with textures on her dress, on the wall and on the cracked vase, but I would prefer to see the face as subtle and pretty as on the original art.

Brutal Brutes

I painted first two Red Box Games Orc Brutes. To emphasize their brutal nature I painted their skin in rather rough way. I used different shades of green on each orc. I also applied warpaints to add vivid color accents. They stand on 32mm round bases which fit their size just great.
There will be 9 orcs total: 4 brutes with two-handed weapons, 4 orc warriors with one-handed weapons and shields and one orc hero. They will be accompanied by 2 trolls. So the group will be quite fearsome 🙂

Orc Brutes
Orc Brutes

(click to see bigger photo)