M4 Sherman 1/56

Some time ago I thought: why not to paint an armored vehicle for a change? So here it is – M4 Sherman in 1/56 (28mm) scale, an American World War 2 tank. It’s made by Italeri for Bolt Action wargame. It’s my first 28mm vehicle so I used it as test subject for practising airbrush painting and weathering. I didn’t study any historical documentation – it’s made out of the box. Assembly was simple (because of reduced number of parts) and took me one evening.
I focused more on painting. The main color is olive drab, highlighted with adding a little yellow. Single color paint scheme for US WW2 vehicles was an advantage for me. I used inks instead of washes for shading, as I did not have any. Making the paint chipping and scratches was my favourite part. In the end I applied dry pastels for dirt and dust effects.
What do you think about my experiment? Would you like to see more tanks in future or should I stay with figures? 🙂

 M4 Sherman  M4 Sherman  M4 Sherman  M4 Sherman

Land Raider Proteus for Salamanders Space Marines

So the Land Raider Proteus is done now, so you can see the finished effect. 🙂

Salamanders Land Raider Proteus
Salamanders Land Raider Proteus

I was a bit afraid if the weathering didn’t make it too “orky”, but in the end I like it the way it is, and as long as its new owner is happy – so am I.

You can see the model in its in-progress state in this post.  I like the way the burned exhausts and guns look. It was an interesting effect to work on.

Here are all the photos. Enjoy! 🙂