Circus Troupe done

The circus troupe you’ve seen on my WIP photos is ready.
We took the photos in early March but didn’t manage to post them until now. Well, now they are here for you to enjoy 🙂

Ogre Firebelly

Serpentine La Roux

Bearded Lady

Colette Du Bois

And if you want to see the WIP posts, you can find them here .

Base for Emperor’s Children – section 1 done

The first section of my scenic display base for the Emperor’s Children army is done now. It will serve as a base for the first three units.

Base for Emperor's Children - section 1
Base for Emperor’s Children – section 1

Right now I am adding chains to the deamonette models, so the models can be considered complete soon. There is still room for one more unit on the base, and I don’t know which unit will be painted next yet…