The Arctic Imperator


I always wanted to start experimenting with artificial water, for that I needed a nice mini to motivate me. I found this cool Napoleon like penguin from Figone.

The ‘water’ I have used is just simple resin and fish come from company Busch.

so here comes the brave Penguin …

Figone – The Arctic Emperor
Figone – The Arctic Emperor
Figone – The Arctic Emperor


“12 minis in 12 months”. Personal project. Part 1.


I’m working on my second mini, but I just want to go back for a second and show you my first model from my personal project “12 minis in 12 months” I started in January.

It’s simple… One model per month: single, mounted, simple or difficult, I don’t know yet 🙂

Anyway, I want to motivate myself to paint more and more and more… Of course meanwhile I’ll paint other minis, I hope 🙂

Mini #1 – January.
Skeleton Warrior.

Best regards!

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