A lot of wood

Here is the first batch of painted stuff from minimonsters.eu. These are small and big barrels accompanied by outhouse. A lot of wood with steel elements. As for the wood color I airbrushed elements with flesh tone and when it dried I applied dark brown wash followed by drybrush of light flesh color. Then I emphasized highlights with precise brush. When necessary I applied wood grain texture with thin dark lines, like on small barrels that had no sculpted wood texture.

Here is picture of painted items with 28mm miniature (RedBox Games as usually) to give you idea of scale.


Hero Forge Palladin

This is the first miniature from Hero Forge that I had opportunity to paint. The figure was made from material called ‘Beta grey plastic’. There were no mould lines, as the mini was 3D printed, but there was a lot of tiny ‘pegs’ – remains of printing process that had to be removed. It was cast as one piece miniature, together with the square base. After priming the mini looked just like “normal” figure. The detail level is sufficient for gaming miniature.
The figure represents anti palladin in full plate armor casting a spell called “touch of corruption”.


When I was posting pictures of RBG bear and wolfes I wrote that maybe it’s time to make some trees. So here is one! A walking tree 🙂 It’s Araigh, Ancient of Sileann Fen from Mierce Miniatures. You would not want to find yourself in range of his gnarly arms!


The treeman was airbrushed with shades of brown, then washed and drybrushed. Afer that I painted the details – eyes, climber (veins?) in green and so on. Foliage is made of pieces of brown-green sponge, painted after attaching to the miniature.