Fury of the Norsemen

The day when courier coming to my office with the parcel for me is always a good day!

This time inside the box was long awaited Viking’s bust from Castle Miniatures. Sculpted by Yuri Serebriakov – former Seil Models sculptor – it’s one of best models in this scale I’ve seen.

Model comes in small but thick and rigid box (box sustained pressure of 20 tomes of PWN Encyclopedia). Inside parts are protected by foam and bubble foil for addicts 😉 So if parts were not packed damaged or wrong there’s really small possibility that anything will be damaged during delivery. Model’s price is average for this kind of miniatures, but for this quality I would pay even more without hesitation.

Viking Warrior

Here you can see all parts that are in the set. It’s highly customizable (for the bust…) as there are two different hats and one helmet to choose from.

Viking Warrior

Viking Warrior

The resin is of very good quality and the cast is almost perfect – no missing parts, bubbles and whole that other stuff that annoys the modeler. There are only few visible mold lines than can be removed without any problem. In fact the only thing to do is to fit the needle to the cloak’s buckle – the hole have to be carefully drilled to place the needle in the right spot.

The sculpt itself is great and very detailed. In my honest opinion Yuri Serebriakov is one of most talented sculptors these days. This model is exactly what I picture to myself when I think of viking warrior.

Viking Warrior Viking Warrior

For me it’s one of the best models in larger scale I’ve ever seen, both looking at technical part (casting, resin quality) and project and sculpt. Painting it will be a lot of fun!

Time for changes / Czas na zmiany

Today I am doing the finishing touches on the dreadnought. Yuppie!

Time of the renaissance knight is coming. Oooh, this project is a challenge. It scares me. Such amount of freehand painting always makes me feel uncomfortable. Do you know the feeling on sitting with a miniature and being afraid of touching it with a brush because you might ruin it?

One of my good customers made sure I have something else to do as well:

Kończę dziś ostatnie poprawki na dreadzie. Jupiiii!

Nadchodzi czas na renesansowego rycerza. Uuuu ta praca to wyzwanie – budzi we mnie lęki. Taka ilość freehandów zawsze budzi u mnie zwiechy. Macie czasem tak, że siedzicie przed figurką i boicie się jej dotknąć pędzlem, żeby nie skopać?

Jeden z moich dobrych klientów zadbał, żebym miała odskocznię:

New miniatures
New miniatures… to be painted

And an alternative method of dealing with a shaky hands day is a “file day” 😉

So tomorrow I am going to file while watching the “Jungle Book” – Balrog is on a sick-leave.

Alternatywna metoda na radzenie sobie z dniem trzęsących się rąk, to “dzień z pilnikiem” 😉

Jutro będę piłować przy “księdze dżunglii” – Balrog na L4.

JerzyK’s Corner – Some nasties!

Greetings everyone. Recently I’ve been painting some really nasty figures.

The first one is Chaplain Cassius. He looks really unhealthy. In fact he looks as if he fits better with chaos space marines than those loyal to the emperor. He stands out even among other GW sculpts 😉 Painting black is a tough work and I have much to learn yet in that matter.

The other one is Ulric the Defiler, another Mierce Miniatures Ysian drune for my collection (and certainly not the last one!). A really unfriendly guy – just look at those trophys by his belt. Yet, it was pleasure to paint him, he reminds me Confrontation times (party because he was created by ex-Rackham sculptor – Stéphane Simon).

Ural class destroyers reporting for duty


This time it’s just quick update of what’s going on in My Luvly Desk starport:

Just before the weekend started second Ural class destroyer has left the assembly line in the mother star base. I still cannot get used to painting these models but I also cannot wait to see just few more painted and photographed on black (deep space that is) backround.

As for painting itself I was trying to keep exactly the same color choice, there are just minor differences: for instance while painitng the second model (flying coffin on the right) I didn’t use airbrush for base colors – it’s barely noticed and most of the paint was corrected with brush anyway. I also painted strong shadows around the windows (or lights or whatever it is): from close distance it doesn’t look too well but it look very fine looking from a meter above – these are gaming models after all. I also tried to increase contrast by applying stronger highlights on reds and highlighting grey to pure white. Again – these tinies are gaming models and strong contrast is the key when it comes to painting such toys.

This time the model was sealed only with semi-matt spray varnish but I think the next time I will hit the flyer with a layer of glossy varnish first for a protection, and then apply matt or semi-matt varnish for a good look. Right now candidate for such a devilish experiment is small frigate hovering over superglue in the back of the photo.

 Till the next time!


Dissociation break / Przerwa na rozkojarzenie

I had to take a break. Mental dissociation is not a good state for freehand painting.

I said goodbye to my grandma, which started an avalanche of memories somewhere in my mind. And since I was unable to paint, I did some springtime cleaning.  Whenever I try to reorganize the room, I get in a trance of throwing things away. I am an unfulfilled minimalist. I keep wondering if getting rid of records, books and half of my remaining clothes would give the expected result. After all what’s left is sentiments… and is it good or bad to have them?

Musiałam zrobić sobie przerwę. Rozkojarzenie nie sprzyja freehandom.

Pożegnałam się z babcią i gdzieś tam w głowie doszło do lawiny wspomnień. Skoro nie dało się malować, to zrobiłam wiosenne porządki. Zawsze kiedy biorę się za remanent w pokoju, wpadam w ciąg wyrzucania. Jestem niespełnioną minimalistką. Zastanawiam się jednak, czy pozbycie się płyt, książek i połowy z pozostałych ubrań przyniosłoby pożądany efekt? W końcu to co zostało, to sentymenty… to dobrze czy źle mieć je?

Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought

Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought

While trying to tidy up my photos, I found a few pictures of making the banquet diorama:

Robiąc porządek w zdjęciach, znalazłam troszkę zajawek z robienia biesiady:

Le Banquet from FenryllIt’s a nice and characterful set, which must have been given to me for painting as a reward for painting Judas le comedien 🙂 I was very excited about it until I saw the faces of these models. I don’t know the author of these sculpts, so I may be wrong, but the whole thing left an impression of a great sculptor being hired for not enough money. Instead of eyelids – horizontal rolls over tiny (eye)balls, surfaces roughly carved with a knife without smoothing, etc. But I value character and atmosphere over precise brushwork, I decided not to complain and to enjoy the ambience of this diorama. I enjoyed being able to arrange the models the way I wanted, so I tested a few possible scenes. 🙂

Klimatyczny zestaw, dostałam do pomalowania chyba w nagrodę za pomalowanie Judas le comedien 🙂 Bardzo na niego się cieszyłam, do czasu aż nie zobaczyłam twarzy modeli. Nie znam autora, więc mogę być w błędzie, ale całość sprawiała wrażenie, jakby firma zatrudniła extra rzeźbiarza za zbyt małe wynagrodzenie. Zamiast powiek poprzeczne wałki na kulkach/gałkach ocznych, powierzchnie ciosane nożykiem bez wygładzeń, itp. Ale, że jestem orędowniczą fluffu/klimatu/nastroju ponad precyzję pędzla, postanowiłam nie narzekać i cieszyć się nastrojem dioramy. Fajne było w zestawie to, że modele można dowolnie sadzać, więc scenek wypróbowałam kilka 🙂

working on Le Banquet from Fenryll

palette for Le Banquet from Fenryll

base for Le Banquet from Fenryll     base for Le Banquet from Fenryll

working on Le Banquet from Fenryll

working on Le Banquet from Fenryll

freehand for Le Banquet from Fenryll