Miniature of the month: January 2013

Welcome to this very first Miniature of the Month edition in year 2013. Make your choice and choose your favorite miniature posted in January here at Chest of Colors. Even better if you would like to join us and post pictures of your work so that you could take part in next voting in February.

There is also a special poll running at our miniature painting forum. We want to pick the best miniature in year 2012. So check Miniature of the Year 2013 thread and pick the best one!

Authors say

Now here is what the authors said about their works:

Here’s a few photo’s of a Corsair Prince I was asked to paint. He’s been given a light spray of varnish as he’s going to be used in games, hence the slight shine in the pictures – I did use dull coat on it too, but it didn’t get rid of the shine completely.

The base is simple as per the clients request, he wanted it to fit in with his current army models and their bases. The model was Finecast and sent to me primed and assembled, I did my best to clean it up but it was rough to say the least, so I did my best to smooth things over with the paint but some areas were bound to look rough no matter what I did. Short of buying a new model for him, I did as best I could to make it look half decent!

— skraaal

Well here is somthing totally different. i painted this army up for a friend of my. The deal was that I painted it so it would look nice from a distance (like on the picture.) The more special guys got some extra attention. But it’s all fairly low gamer standard. But he was on a very strict budget so we compromised. Not everything is based, because my friend is doing that himself.

I really like how this paint scheme worked out. It’s very striking in my opinion. Sorry the photo is a bit of a mess, didn’t take it myself, but I liked to showcase this because i painted 3000 to 3500 points of skeletons. Annoyingly brittle skeletons:)
— No Gut No Glory

Miniatures of the month January

Who can enter the competition

Everyone! Yes, that’s true. Have you ever considered competing and trying your skills with other great painters? This is a great opportunity. 🙂
It’s all very simple – just log into our forum and post pictures of your miniatures. They will automatically take part in next month voting.

Rules and voting

Everybody can vote for 3 miniatures of their choice. There will be one Miniature of the Month (the winner) and up to two honorable mentions. The number of honorable mentions will be reduced if two miniatures tie for the title of the Miniature of the Month, so the maximum number of awarded entries is 3.

OK, so now you should be ready to vote:

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The poll is open for two weeks, which is until March 17th. The results will be posted after the poll is closed and the winner will receive a honorary badge to display in his profile on our miniature painting forum and will take part in voting “Miniature of the Year 2012”. In case of a tie, the badge will be awarded to the winners. Up to two models will also receive honorary mentions.

We encourage you to comment on this month’s entries, explain your votes or even discuss votes of other users – we’ll be happy to read what you have to say. So don’t be shy and share your opinion with us. Thanks a lot!