Hussar 2012 miniature painting contest report

This year we were lucky to participate in the third edition of the Hussar miniature painting competition. This event grew to become one of the most important events for miniature painters in Poland, and with support from Cool Mini Or Not, Hussar 2012 was a tempting choice for any miniature painting enthusiast. After all the main prize is nothing to scoff at!

Who was there?

This edition of Hussar was special not only because it confirmed the contest’s position, but also because there were as many foreign entrants as never before. Oh, well, it means only two, but it’s still more than any previous edition got. 😉 The two guests were Nakatan (Ivan Victorovich Melnikov, who came with his wife) and Zaphod (Michael Bartels).

Of course there were many Polish painters, including the most popular and recognized Polish painters. We met many old friends and had a chance to get to know new ones. People started socializing very soon and hobby talk was heard all over the place.

There was a special promotional miniature named “HussaAAARGHHH!!!”, which could be purchased at the event.

Hussar 2012 (3)

Hussar 2012 promo miniature

There were a few hobby stores present at Hussar 2012, so hobbyists could see in person many products they have only known from the internet, including MaxMini bits, Kromlech stuff, Ogniem i Mieczem (By Fire and Sword) miniatures and all the stuff brought by the White Tree staff.

Other attractions

Most curious or adventurous guests could try their skills at digital 3-d sculpting. There were tablets with necessary software, plus some assistance from experienced experts. Moreover, there was a special presentation by MaxMini about the process of digital sculpting.

One of the most popular things at the contest was a special cabinet for showcase of miniatures, which were not entered into the contest. There were quite a few miniatures from Ana, Bohun, Flameon, Karol Rudyk, Loler, Maru, Nameless and Przemo there.

Hussar 2012 (4)

 There was also a painting workshop with Przemek Wałęga (Przemo), who taught about painting miniatures and contrast. And people who spent the day at the location of the contest, could participate in a fun speed painting contest, more about which will be written later.

Hussar 2012 (1)

Hussar 2012 (2)


Hussar 2012 miniature painting contest

Obviously the central part of this whole event was the miniature painting competition. This time there were 75 entries, but the overall quality surprised both the judges and the entrants. I heard it from many participants that they hadn’t expected that high quality and such strong competition. We’ve seen high quality entries in the previous editions of Hussar, but the overall quality of entries has never been as high as this year.

Just like in the previous editions of Hussar, there were 4 categories: Diorama, Large model, Single fantasy miniature and Single sci-fi miniature.

Here are pictures of all the entries from the competition with some special attention given to winners of trophies and honorable mentions.


As there are no separate categories for units or duels, these go into the diorama category. This category  allows to emphasize modeling work, story worked into the model, and interaction between models. It also allows to use bigger bases than the remaining categories.

Gold in diorama: Łukasz Grzyb [CTAN] – “Chocolate Factory”
Silver in diorama: Melnikov Ivan Victorovich [NAKATAN] – “Hard Corps vs Hive Mind”
Bronze in diorama: Adam Hałon [LOLER] – “Obcy”

Honourable mentions

Hussar 2012 finalist  Hussar 2012 finalist  Hussar 2012 finalist

Ania Machowska [AŃA] – “Orc Warboss & Grot”
Iga Walczewska-Bińczyk [IGNIS] – “Black & White”
Jarosław Borzdyński [MADFLY-ART] – “Karabidae & Krapbots”

Hussar 2012 finalist  Hussar 2012 finalist  Hussar 2012 finalist

Przemek Wałęga [PRZEMO] – “Bunt”
Michał Jankiewicz – “Orc Buggy”
Piotr Karpiński – “Dzidy”

Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012

Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012

Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012

Large Model

This year there was still no separation between machines and other larger miniatures. It seems this category may be split into two separate categories in future, if only enough entries are prepared and entered to the competition.

Gold in large model: Łukasz Grzyb [CTAN] – “Goldfish”
Silver in large model: Melnikov Ivan Victorovich [NAKATAN] – “In the Land of Giants”
Bronze in large model: Iga Walczewska-Bińczyk [IGNIS] – “Time”

Honourable mentions

Hussar 2012 finalist  Hussar 2012 finalist

Marek Borowski [KERAM] – “Gorbad the Headhunter”
Jarek Drabek [CAMELSON] – “Hellbrute”

Hussar 2012 finalist  Hussar 2012 finalist

Ania Machowska [AŃA] – “Nokjaegerin”
Jarosław Borzdyński [MADFLY-ART] – “Death Guard Contemptor Dreadnought”

Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012

Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012

Single Fantasy Miniature

These don’t really need to be fantasy models. Historical models representing characters from the period before 1914 are also allowed, and some historical models in 15mm scale were entered, indeed. This category was very popular and so many entries displayed great quality, that many honourable mentions were awarded.

Gold in single fantasy miniature: Adam Hałon [LOLER] – “Bretoński Rycerz”
Silver in single fantasy miniature: Ania Machowska [AŃA] – “King’s Man”
Bronze in single fantasy miniature: Łukasz Grzyb [CTAN] – “Co ja pacze”

Honourable mentions

Hussar 2012 finalist  Hussar 2012 finalist  Hussar 2012 finalist

Jarek Drabek [CAMELSON] – “Yarry”
Radosław Bartnik [LEMARTES] – “Tomb King”
Michael Bartels [ZAPHOD] – “Ode to Raffa”

Hussar 2012 finalist  Hussar 2012 finalist  Hussar 2012 finalist

Magdalena Wróbel – “Captain of the Empire”
Michał Cios – “Regimentarz Stanisław Lubomirski”
Michał Pisarski [LAN STUDIO] – “Isabela von Carstein”

Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012

Przemek Wałęga [PRZEMO] – “Goblin”
Przemek Jacko [SZARY] – “Caradryan the Sea Fenix”

Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012

Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012

Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012

Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012

Single Sci-Fi Miniature

This category also allows historical models from the period of 1914 and later, yet no historical models were entered. Maybe the next year we will see any? This time most entries were Warhammer 40.000 models, but some other manufacturers were represented as well.

Gold in single sci-fi miniature: Melnikov Ivan Victorovich [NAKATAN] – “Last mistake of sergeant Joe”
Silver in single sci-fi miniature: Artur Żołędowski [ARTUR] – “Ork”

Bronze in single sci-fi miniature: Karol Rudyk – “Chaos Lord”

Honourable mentions

Hussar 2012 finalist  Hussar 2012 finalist  Hussar 2012 finalist

Michał Orzeł – “Still searching”
Adam Hałon [LOLER] – “Chaplain”
Michał Gendek – “Imperial Fist Veteran”

Hussar 2012 finalist  Hussar 2012 finalist  Hussar 2012 finalist

Ania Machowska [AŃA] – “Geisha Assassin”
Michał Pisarski [LAN STUDIO] – “God of Winter”
Łukasz Grzyb [CTAN] – “Time for dinner”

Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012

Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012

Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012

Hussar contest entry, 2012  Hussar contest entry, 2012

Best Junior

There is no separate category for youngbloods at Hussar, so young painters compete in the same categories as their older colleagues. But there was a special award for the best work of a painter born in 1996 or later. The award for the Best Junior painter went to Marek Borkowski (KeraM) for this work, which also won him an honourable mention in the Large model category.

Best Junior: Marek Borowski [KERAM] – “Gorbad the Headhunter”

Grand Prix

The Grand Prix always goes to the author of one of four works that took gold in our four main categories. This time the winner was Nakatan, who painted this impressive Eldar model. It seems it was a good decision to come to Poland and try his luck at Hussar!

The Grand Prix: Melnikov Ivan Victorovich [NAKATAN] – “Last mistake of sergeant Joe”

As some of you surely remember the winner receives a return ticket to the USA for the next edition of the Crystal Brush contest. We’re sure Nakatan will enjoy the trip just as much as he enjoyed the trophy – a beautiful sabre, admired and complimented by everyone who saw slayer  swords.

Hussar 2012 (6)

Speed Painting

As it has been mentioned already, there was a speed painting competition for everybody who felt like participating in this little fun contest. There is always a little twist that every painter is only given 3 colors and can only use them until a signal is given to pass the paints to another participants and receive new ones from somebody else. This results in pretty creative color schemes and forces out-of-the-box approach. There were nearly 20 entries, and the winners were:

  1. Łukasz Grzyb [CTAN]
  2. Filip Marković [NAMELESS]
  3. Tomasz Wolski

Here is a photo of the winning speed-painted high elf:

Hussar 2012 speed painting contest winner
Gold in speed painting: Łukasz Grzyb [CTAN]

The ceremony

Everyone anxiously awaited the awards ceremony. It was great to see hobbyists congratulate their colleagues and their successes, and especially to see Nakatan’s happy face when he was declared the overall winner, received the sabre trophy mentioned before and a special prize from Cool Mini Or Not – return ticket to Crystal Brush 2013.

Hussar 2012 (5)

After the ceremony most participants went to the afterparty, for yet more socializing, some beer and enjoying seeing the miniatures in person without the barrier of display cabinets. Our foreign guests seemed happy and satisfied with the event.

Hussar 2013?

So will there be another edition of Hussar in 2013? We hope so, and what we heard unofficially, everything seems to be going just right to make Hussar 2013 possible! We hope the reputation and popularity of the contest continue to grow and improve, and to see more foreign hobbyists in Warsaw in a year.

Hope to meet you at Hussar in October 2013!

Winners of the Chest of Colors Arena contest announced

The Chest of Colors Arena miniature painting contest is over. You had your chance to enter, and then your chance to vote. Now it’s time to announce the winners…

The contest

Painters had a month to prepare their entries, and every one was allowed to enter up to 3 models. After the deadline we ended up with 16 entries, presenting a variety of styles, races, approaches and models.

Chest of Colors Arena miniature painting contest (2)

And the winner is…

Mahon with his Mjolnir the Ogre:

Mjolnir the Ogre by Mahon
Chest of Colors Arena winner

As you surely remember, Chest of Colors members cannot get the main prize, so the Red Sand Black Moon rulebook goes to the second place winner, Madfly-art, for his Lizardman Hero:

Lizardman Hero by Madfly-art
Second place at Chest of Colors Arena

And if you are still curious about the third place, it went to Egrim van Horstmann for his “Who Rules the Jungle?”. The base was a bit overkill for a gaming model, wasn’t it? 😉

Who Rules the Jungle by Egrim van Horstamann
Third place at Chest of Colors Arena

We hope you like these winning works, and we’ll be happy to discuss them and the contest in comments below.

Random winners

We mentioned there will be some random prizes for random participants. This time lady luck smiled upon MetalchaosGnottapan and Egrim van Horstmann. You will be contacted by us soon, so we can send the prizes to you.

Instant runoff voting?

Now you surely wonder how the instant runoff voting worked in this case. Let us explain it to you.

Usual method

Had we been using the normal “vote for the winner” voting, there would be a tie between Mahon’s Mjolnir the Ogre and Egrim van Horstmann’s “Who Rules the Jungle?”. No entry would gain a decisive advantage over others though, but many votes would effectively be wasted, not helping determine the eventual winner. No entry would exceed the 50% threshold, too.

Instant runoff

Now with the instant runoff, every voter chooses more than one candidate and does it in order of his preference. The winner has to collect more than 50% of votes. If there is no such winner, weakest entries are eliminated but their votes are not wasted. They go to the next preferred choices on their lists.

In our case we had a tie between Mjolnir the Ogre and “Who Rules the Jungle?”, so we eliminated all entries which got no “first preference” votes, and were left with 6 entries. No votes discarded yet, right? Then we eliminated all entries which received 1 vote, and checked which models were the next preference choices of voters whose first choices were eliminated. This gave a little boost to Mjolnir the Ogre and a larger boost to the Lizardman Hero. Still no winner though, as these two models tied with an equal number of votes now.

So after another elimination of the weakest, votes were assigned from eliminated models to the next preferred ones, and now Mjolnir the Ogre managed to exceed the 50% threshold and became the winner, with Lizardman Hero being second.

What do we think about this system of voting?

It definitely is interesting as it allows your vote to count even if your candidate doesn’t win. This encourages to vote even when you are sure your candidate cannot win, because your vote still can influence the voting with your next preferred choices. We’re not surprised this method is used for some respectable and recognized awards. We will surely be using it again in future.

Will there be more contests?

We’re slowly preparing for another contest now, so stay tuned for official announcements (and unofficial teasers 😉 ).

And in the meantime we would like to thank you for your participation and to invite you to leaving a comment below. What was good about the contest, what was less so, what would you like to see changed in the next contests? And what do you think about the entries?

Chest of Colors Arena gallery and voting

As you surely remember, Chest of Colors Arena was our first miniature painting competition after a really long (or even: embarrassingly long) break. Now we’re back with the gallery of contest entries and more!

Brief summary

To make things easier for our readers, let me just remind you that the contest was all about painting fantasy gladiators. Or pit fighters. Or warriors. Call them what you want. We were pretty much relaxed about this definition, just like Two Hour Wargames were in their Red Sand Black Moon game of fantasy gladiatorial combat (which happened to be the main prize in the contest).

The entries were supposed to be based for gaming and every participant could enter up to 3 entries.

In addition to the main prize, there would be additional prizes for random participants (one chance per entry). So let’s see who was competing for your votes…

Gallery of entries

You may see that some entries feature removable display plinths or fancy backgrounds. Please bear in mind that these plinths or scenery pieces should not be taken into account by voters, as the miniatures alone are the subject of this contest.


The winner will be determined in voting. Every participant and every member of Chest of Colors team or painting studio will be allowed to vote in a poll. We’ll be using instant runoff voting to determine the winner, just like it’s done for some popular events, like Hugo awards or Oscars (Academy Awards). We will not go into details of the instant runoff voting here, as you can easily follow the link to learn more about the system. Voters will receive information about the system though.

The voting will be closed after one week, regardless of the number of votes received. We will announce the winners shortly after closing the poll.

UPDATE: Winners were already announced.


Now that you’ve seen all the entries, wait for the information how to vote – if you are entitled to vote, or otherwise for voting to be closed. And if you would like to try your luck in another painting contest, we’re already preparing a new one. Stay tuned for more information!