Miniature of the month: June 2012

It is getting hotter and hotter and staying at home is almost like a crime 😉
But still 26 Chest of Colors forum members found some time to paint something. I think we can be happy with their results, which can be seen in the collection of Miniature of the Month June collection. What always keeps me amazing about every month’s collections is the variety of the miniatures. Different companies and different styles of painting.

Which one do you like best? Vote and discus it here or at your forum.

Authors say

Now here’s what the authors said about their works:

I think I picked this one up at ReaperCon 2011 (or perhaps earlier), and based and primed it around that time. Then it sat on my desk untouched for many months until sometime this spring when I started on it again. I got close to finishing it, and then it sat again for another month or so. I’ve finally finished it, and will be shipping it down to Reaper soonish.
— pae

Holy smokes it’s been a while since I completed a mini. Longest stretch I’ve had in a long, long while. I painted this one up for a friend and also for a challenge over on the WAMP boards vs. the legendary CofC’s very own Nameless! Of course this thing challenge has really dragged on so I won’t blame Nameless if he’s not so interested anymore. Anyway, here he is.
— ScottRadom

This is the Dwarf Lord I posted in the WIP section: I completed it trying to apply the advice I received. I know I could improve many things on it, anyway I try to improve through various works. I’m not completely satisfied with the cape (especially for the shading), but I will take care of the experience for future red capes
— FiloSganga

Here’s my finished Cryx Slayer. Tried to use some new stuff to me (to make stuff look like it’s glowing, battle damage) though, seems that for a first try it was mostly a fail but at least the mini moves away from the Pile of Shame
— Hellspawn

Miniatures of the month June

Rules and voting

Everybody can vote for 3 miniatures of their choice. There will be one Miniature of the Month (the winner) and up to two honorable mentions. The number of honorable mentions will be reduced if two miniatures tie for the title of the Miniature of the Month, so the maximum number of awarded entries is 3.

OK, so now you should be ready to vote:


The poll is open until the end of July. The results will be posted after the poll is closed and the winner will receive a honorary badge to display in his profile on our miniature painting forum. In case of a tie, the badge will be awarded to the winners. Up to two models will also receive honorary mentions.

We encourage you to comment on this month’s entries, explain your votes or even discuss votes of other users – we’ll be happy to read what you have to say. So don’t be shy and share your opinion with us. Thanks a lot!


UPDATE: No winner this time. Slawol and CTan tied for the first place with equal numbers of votes, Flameon being next. So they all receive honorable mentions but no single entry is awarded the title and badge of the Miniature of June 2012. We wish you all better luck the next time. 🙂

Mrokin and Helloween Mage from Spellcrow – Review

You can do many different things during night… one of them is to take pics and write reviews. I didn’t really feel like sleeping, so I decided to spend night on something productive – writing a review of Spellcrow miniatures.

I’d like to present two models released by Spellcrow, a company behind the Umbra Turris game. I had bought them last year at the Mad Days event and recently found them in my boxes. I thought it’s a good to review them.

Both minis were packed in folic packaging inside blisters. No bases were provided, as these miniatures were brand new releases at the time. Fortunately, I was able to pick square resin bases at their stand. Miniatures sold through their online store do have bases of course!

Helloween Mage

The first model I chose is a Helloween Mage – pumpkin-head released for Helloween 2011. It’s a one-piece cast, but it doesn’t mean a poor quality, quite the opposite! The is not quite fresh, as we have many pumpkins on the market. Nevertheless, I wanted to have this one from the very first moment I saw it. It’s a second pumpkin-head in my collection, many more still waiting for a purchase…

Spellcrow Helloween Mage and Mrokin review (1)

And here’s a nice painted version of this miniature, done by C’Tan.

Spellcrow Helloween Mage and Mrokin review (2)

What’s good

The sculpt is precise and detailed. There’s a lot of interesting details and textures, thus should comprise a very fun model for painting and should “paint by itself”, as painters use to say. Textures on the pumpkin, wood and details deserve the highest notes. I’m sure I’m not going to regret time spent on painting it and final effect will the best reward for my efforts.

Spellcrow Helloween Mage and Mrokin review (3)

Spellcrow Helloween Mage and Mrokin review (4)

Spellcrow Helloween Mage and Mrokin review (5)

Spellcrow Helloween Mage and Mrokin review (6)

Not so good

There are some drawbacks of course, as always. Cast is not bad, but there are some mould lines and excessive flesh. The metal piece connecting the wand with tag is the biggest part to be removed. These are not complicated things to do. Also, a piece of foam could be added to blisters to provide additional protection for miniatures (not that I expect any damages to light metal miniatures packed tightly in folic wrapping).


The packaging does not contain any specific information apart from the name of the game. This might have changed in the meantime. If not, I believe it would be reasonable to add at least name of the model and few more pieces of information, to make it look more professional. Just a minor issue, really.


Final score: 9/10.


The second model is this Mrokin with a staff. Fun sculpt with quality not worse than described above. One-piece cast again. There were also a few mould lines and other elements to be removed, nothing exceeding the standard preparation and assembly things you do with all miniatures.

Spellcrow Helloween Mage and Mrokin review (7)


Face, and equipment deserves a special attention. Fantastic! Small brush and steady hand will make the most out of this sculpt; other manufacturers in that scale might be ashamed! Finer and better details can be found on resin casts only.

Spellcrow Helloween Mage and Mrokin review (8)

Spellcrow Helloween Mage and Mrokin review (9)

Spellcrow Helloween Mage and Mrokin review (10)

Spellcrow Helloween Mage and Mrokin review (11)

I have to admit that Spellcrow models’ quality and amount of details are amazing! The model is very small yet the sculptor did a superb job.


This model will get the same score: 9/10.

Spellcrow miniatures review: conclusion

In my opinion Spellcrow did everything one could do with metal and produced miniatures of high quality. This is supported by an outstanding sculptor’s performance. As you can see – impossible is nothing. 🙂

I can sincerely recommend both miniatures and will surely get more from them in the future. Prices are also good – EUR 11.98 ($15.97) for the Helloween Mage and EUR 5.99 ($7.99) for Mrokin.

— Slawol