Ural class destroyers reporting for duty


This time it’s just quick update of what’s going on in My Luvly Desk starport:

Just before the weekend started second Ural class destroyer has left the assembly line in the mother star base. I still cannot get used to painting these models but I also cannot wait to see just few more painted and photographed on black (deep space that is) backround.

As for painting itself I was trying to keep exactly the same color choice, there are just minor differences: for instance while painitng the second model (flying coffin on the right) I didn’t use airbrush for base colors – it’s barely noticed and most of the paint was corrected with brush anyway. I also painted strong shadows around the windows (or lights or whatever it is): from close distance it doesn’t look too well but it look very fine looking from a meter above – these are gaming models after all. I also tried to increase contrast by applying stronger highlights on reds and highlighting grey to pure white. Again – these tinies are gaming models and strong contrast is the key when it comes to painting such toys.

This time the model was sealed only with semi-matt spray varnish but I think the next time I will hit the flyer with a layer of glossy varnish first for a protection, and then apply matt or semi-matt varnish for a good look. Right now candidate for such a devilish experiment is small frigate hovering over superglue in the back of the photo.

 Till the next time!


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