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How to paint Rasputina the Ice Witch (Alternative) - tutorial

Ana’s paintjob on Rasputina was heavily inspired by HR Giger’s works. Check this “must see” step-by-step tutorial to see how she painted the model, including the freehands and extensive base.

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Painting Hell Dorado Immortals warband - tutorial

Hey gamers! Now this is something for you: painting Hell Dorado Immortals warband explained in detailed step-by-step tutorial. Each step from unboxing, through modelling to painting presented on over 100 photos with insightful comments from

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Malifaux: Seamus the Mad Hatter - tutorial (2)

If you play Malifaux, you may like our Seamus the Mad Hatter tutorial. It may help you get your Seamus miniature painted. Follow this detailed step-by-step guide by P1per to analyze his miniature painting techniques.

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Photo: NMM chrome - Tutorial

Maybe the huge hype for SE-NMM and NMM chrome has already passed, but this tutorial is surely still worth publishing. In 2005 Ana painted a Space Wolves wolf priest and In response to frequent questions she explained how to paint NMM chrome like the one on that model.

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Photo: Artemis - how I painted the miniature - Tutorial

Ana describes how she painted her Artemis, which won her the Femme Fatale II competition. Read about the problems she encountered and learn from her mistakes. NMM, skin, highlights, paint peeling off – it’s all there!

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Photo: How to paint Captain Lysander in Terminator armour - Tutorial

Painting yellow is a real pain for many painters. And if you have a whole suit of terminator armour to paint yellow, you may be a real Imperial Fists fan! Mahon explains how to paint terminator armour and more – using his Captain Lysander as the subject of his paintjob.

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