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Photo: Painting skin - Tutorial

In response to all the questions about Demon_Color’s way of painting flesh, we are presenting his own description of how he does it… So let him tell us how to paint skin the way he does.

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Photo: Painting faces - Tutorial

Painting faces is one of the crucial parts in miniature painting hobby. This tutorial not only explains how to paint faces, but also how to use colors for shaping your miniatures, how to make skintones interesting, and how to play with color nuances. To put it shortly: it’s a must-read!

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Photo: Artemis - how I painted the miniature - Tutorial

Ana describes how she painted her Artemis, which won her the Femme Fatale II competition. Read about the problems she encountered and learn from her mistakes. NMM, skin, highlights, paint peeling off – it’s all there!

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