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How to make candles - tutorial

If you ever wanted to add candles to your miniatures, Urbik explains how to make candles for models in scale of Warhammer Fantasy Battles miniatures, like the ones he presented at the Golden Demon contest.

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Digital sculpting is becoming more and more popular in the world of miniature painting hobby. But as many new things it is still a controversial thing to many of us. How does it compare to traditional sculpting and what do you think about it?

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Instant Mold - Review and Tutorial

If you’re into miniature painting, you must have heard about Instant Mold – the new solution to all your casting needs: No more need for two-part resins and silicone molds? Is it true or exaggerated? Read this Instant mold review and tutorial to learn more about the product.

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Navarro shares his tips for those of you who wonder how to sculpt pincers, claws and crab legs. This sculpting tutorial may be suitable even for beginners (maybe not total beginners though). Useful if you want to convert your tyranids, lizardmen or Chaos creatures.

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How to make a biovore - Tutorial

This is a tutorial how to make some interesting non-standard Tyranids from bits that you can find in plastic Tyranid kits and some greenstuff. Conversions are very easy and fast to do, as they are generally thought to be useful mostly for players, who want nice looking army in short time.

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Photo: How to sculpt alien skin - Tutorial

Navarro explains an easy way of sculpting alien skin. This sculpting tutorial may be useful even for beginners. If you want to convert your tyranids, lizardmen or Chaos creatures – this is a good thing to learn.

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