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Hobby Zone miniature transport case review

HobbyZone’s offer includes interesting miniature transport cases. Ana was lucky to receive them for testing and reviewing, but aren’t there too many reviews of these cases already?

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Viking Warrior

The day when courier coming to my office with the parcel for me is always a good day! This time inside the box was long awaited Viking’s bust from Castle Miniatures.

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Liquitex Inks

Few months ago, accidentally I’ve found on Youtube commercial presentation of acrylic inks from Liquitex. About two weeks later I was happy owner of few bottles of this tincture.

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Anakron Miniatures Review (11)

Anakron Miniatures is a manufacturer of 32mm fantasy miniatures. Today we review a single miniature from them – The Cartomancer.

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Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster is the latest game from the legendary Mike McVey. Hellspawn documented unboxing the game and wrote a review for us all to read and see what good the game really is.

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Hangar 18 Miniatures photo backgrounds review (29)

Hangar 18 Miniatures offer some of the most interesting photo backgrounds for miniature painters. We’ve been testing them thoroughly for some time now and if you want to know what we liked and what not – read on.

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Tabletop World Review (4)

Tabletop World offers resin scenery, accessories and buildings. Hellspawn reviews a selection of their products, takes a look at their customer service, and more. Read more to see what to expect from Tabletop World.

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Infamy Miniatures: Sherlock Holmes review (4)

Infamy Miniatures is a relatively new manufacturer of steampunk miniatures in 32mm scale. We had a chance to review their two models: Sherlock Holmes and Henrietta Jekyll. Read on to learn more about them.

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New Releases: Miniatures of Summer 2012

So many interesting miniatures were released this summer that reviewing, selecting and describing them took more time than previously. But if you want to see which miniatures were caught under Hellspawn’s and’s spotlight – read on!

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Nocturna Models Alice review

Pandadosmares is a great fan of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, so he was very happy to review of Nocturna Models’ Alice for you. Would every miniature painter enjoy this large 80mm model?

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