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Anakron Miniatures Review (11)

Anakron Miniatures is a manufacturer of 32mm fantasy miniatures. Today we review a single miniature from them – The Cartomancer.

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Hangar 18 Miniatures photo backgrounds review (29)

Hangar 18 Miniatures offer some of the most interesting photo backgrounds for miniature painters. We’ve been testing them thoroughly for some time now and if you want to know what we liked and what not – read on.

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Infamy Miniatures: Sherlock Holmes review (4)

Infamy Miniatures is a relatively new manufacturer of steampunk miniatures in 32mm scale. We had a chance to review their two models: Sherlock Holmes and Henrietta Jekyll. Read on to learn more about them.

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Lord Baron Mantes review (Smart Max) (1)

Slawol had a chance to paint a Smart Max miniature: Lord Baron Mantes, and examined the miniature in detail to share his review of this model with you. Read on to see what his opinion about this model was.

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Brom Hard Bark from Enigma Miniatures - review (1)

Enigma Miniatures must be known by most miniature painting fans. Excellent sculpts and uncommon concepts by Raul Garcia Latorre make it a favorite company of many hobbyists. Slawol reviews Enigma’s popular dwarf miniature: Brom Hard Bark.

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Between the Lines #9: New Army

New army book released for your army. Or a new army altogether. Are you excited or upset? Check our miniature painting cartoon Between the Lines for Nameless’ take on the subject.

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Spellcrow Helloween Mage and Mrokin review (1)

One can do many different things during night… one of them is to take pics and write reviews. As Slawol didn’t really feel like sleeping, he decided to spend night on something productive – writing a review of two Spellcrow miniatures: Helloween Mage and Mrokin.

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New releases: Hand-picked miniatures of May 2012 (12)

May brought us so many interesting new releases in the miniature painting hobby, that Hellspawn and needed a whole month to get through them and choose their favorites. Check their list out and feel free to discuss it.

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New releases: Hand-picked miniatures of March and April 2012 (11)

First compilation of interesting new releases discussed by and Hellspawn. Check it and tell us if you like it – we may make it a regular column if you’re interested. See what they considered good, bad, sexy, well painted and interesting for miniature painters or gamers.

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Covers are particularly popular in music. But can a miniature be called a cover? And does it have to be a cover of another miniature? Check this edition of Between The Lines to learn more.

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