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Photo: Hell Baby from MAOW Miniatures - review (5)

Maow Miniatures must be one of the most recognizable manufacturers of miniatures, who are known by miniature painters for their humorous approach to minis. If you share their relaxed approach to miniature painting, you may like to read the review of their Hell Baby.

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JMD MIniatures: Succube - review

JMD Miniatures is one of the most interesting French manufacturers of miniatures sculpted by some of the most popular and creative artists. Marta reviews one of their best releases: Succube. Prepare for some nudity and read on if you like painting miniatures aimed at more adult audience.

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Maagaan from Bane Legion - review

Bane Legions is a new brand of miniatures, consisting of BaneBeasts and BaneLords. Ariakas already managed to get a few miniatures from BaneLords and reviewed them to share his opinion with us.

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Photo: Full Metal Jacket from Verlinden Productions - Review

For Slawol it’s time for another historical model. He’d bought it few months ago and found time to describe it to our miniature painting readers. So here it comes: Full Metal Jacket – review by Slawol. This chunk of resin is made by Verlinden Productions and takes its title after the Kubrick’s movie.

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