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Between the Lines: High Level

This issue of our Between the Lines cartoon addresses miniatures put on display plinths. High level ones…

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How to paint Rasputina the Ice Witch (Alternative) - tutorial

Ana’s paintjob on Rasputina was heavily inspired by HR Giger’s works. Check this “must see” step-by-step tutorial to see how she painted the model, including the freehands and extensive base.

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How to paint NMM gold - recipes (3)

We keep receiving questions how some of your favorite works were created or about some aspects of their creation – like NMM gold recipes. Recently painted Black Templars terminators from Irkuck and Benathai caused another wave of such questions.

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How to paint ruins bases - tutorial (16)

In this tutorial explaining how to paint ruins bases from Micro Art Studio, Lemartes presents two of many possible colour schemes which you can use while painting ruins – gray (castle) and sand-colored (desert).

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Between the Lines: Famous Last Words part 2

Curiosity is a great thing. It keeps pushing us, humans, forward. It makes us think, imagine, invent, explore, research… Aren’t you curious about the 11th episode of our Between the Lines cartoon?

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Hussar 2012 miniature painting competition - report

This year we were lucky to participate in the third edition of the Hussar miniature painting competition. This event grew to become one of the most important events for miniature painters in Poland, and the main prize – ticket to Crystal Brush 2013 encourages more and more painters to enter.

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We know the winners of Chest of Colors Arena miniature painting contest! Now that they are officially announced, you can check if you or your favorites are among them.

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Chest of Color Arena entries and voting

As you surely remember, Chest of Colors Arena was our first miniature painting competition after a really long (or even: embarrassingly long) break. Now we’re back with the gallery of contest entries and more!

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Pimp my tracks

“A” is for apple. “B” is for bike. “C” is for cake. Now what does “M” stand for? Read this issue of our miniature painting humor to learn how misleading some things can be.

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Chest of Colors Arena miniature painting contest

We’re happy to announce a miniature painting contest again after a very long break. This time we teamed up with Two Hour Wargames, and if this one turns out to be popular – we’ll arrange more contests for you.

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