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How to make lava splashes - tutorial (1)

There have been many tutorials about painting lava, but Ana added a twist to this subject. Now you can learn how to make lava that is boiling and splashing – just follow this miniature painting tutorial.

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Lava tutorial -Taxxis

Ana explains the subject of painting lava and proves it can be done by most miniature painting hobbyists. Follow her detailed photo tutorial and see over 30 photos guiding you step-by-step to the complete lava effect, just like what she achieved on her Taxxis – Queen of the Undead miniature.

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How to paint OSL on a jump pack - Tutorial

Pandadosmares shows that OSL effect can be easily achieved even on gaming miniatures in only a few minutes. Add it to your miniatures to make your opponents envious!

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Photo: OSL tips - Tutorial

One of the most mysterious and impressive techniques used in miniature painting is the enigmatic OSL, which translates to On-miniature Source Lighting. Whether you like it or not is a matter of personal preference, but why shouldn’t you learn how to do it?

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