The bad, the worse and the space monkey

It’s time to introduce myself – and for an artist there is no better way to say “hello” than presenting a bunch of painted miniatures. For starters, I want to show you a small commision I did for a certain gamer. I was asked to paint 3 miniatures from Corvus Belli’s Infinity the Game range. My client’s faction is Combined Army, the most dangerous and terrifyng forces in the whole Infinity universe (seriously, don’t mess with these guys!).

Just look at them: strange, big guy with heavy armour and a very big gun instead of his arm, sneaky little alien with cosmic gun and (last but not least) evil monkey with (again) a suit of heavy armour and (guess what?) … a big gun!

How cool is that? 🙂

I think these three little fellows presents the variety of Combined Army creatures. Just add a very pleasant colour scheme chosen by the client and here’s the result: The Bad, The Worse and The Space Monkey 🙂
My goal was to make this miniatures a really fine addition to my client’s army. If you like it, you can check other great painted miniatures in my gallery.

SF terrain stuff

Sometimes when you don’t have mood for painting figures, you can always paint some terrain accessories. This is how I did recently.
These terrain accessories are for Infinity, although they can fit any SF game.
The small boxes are made from spare elements that are left from resin models. After cutting and sanding they can be used as objective markers and gain second life. The larger container is made from Games Workshop WH40K imperal buildings floor (hence this skull) and plasticard.

Infinity containers
Infinity containers

These 2 cubic containers are made from laser cut 3mm HDF board (I don’t know the manufacturer). I enjoyed painting all those scratches and rust leaks 🙂

Infinity containers
Infinity containers

More Infinity terrain will come soon.