Nameless Guard

I am slowly rebuilding my gallery. Over the next days, weeks and maybe months you will be bombarded with pics  of minis I have painted over the years.

Nameless Guard
Nameless Guard


Nameless Guard was a special project, my attempt to have a fully painted army – something I have never achieved.

It took me few months of heavy work, but I have succeeded. The army was based on Death Guard / Plague Marines models and a sacred Nurgle’s number (7).

Nameless Guard - Squad Decay
Nameless Guard – Squad Decay
Nameless Guard - Squad Rot
Nameless Guard – Squad Rot


7 units, each with 7 models, plus a chaos lord Nameless making for a total of 50 miniatures.  On top of that, 7 war machines. Most of them are converted.

Some of these you can see in this post. Here’s the link to the full gallery of the Nameless Guard.

Nameless Guard - Land Raider
Nameless Guard – Land Raider
Nameless Guard - Hellbrute Dust
Nameless Guard – Hellbrute Dust


If you wish to learn more how this army came to life, there’s a thread on Chest of Colors forum.

Nameless Guard - Nameless


And if you wish to take this army to battlefields of the 40th century, contact me. It’s not brand new but it has never been used and is ready for sale!

Land Raider Proteus for Salamanders Space Marines

So the Land Raider Proteus is done now, so you can see the finished effect. 🙂

Salamanders Land Raider Proteus
Salamanders Land Raider Proteus

I was a bit afraid if the weathering didn’t make it too “orky”, but in the end I like it the way it is, and as long as its new owner is happy – so am I.

You can see the model in its in-progress state in this post.  I like the way the burned exhausts and guns look. It was an interesting effect to work on.

Here are all the photos. Enjoy! 🙂