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Mephiston by MARK_GIBBONS g4

It’s time I returned to my miniatures, because I feel irritated as if drying-out. The plan for January is Mephiston.

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Clash of Slayer Sword winners 2012

You surely have seen the Slayer Sword winners of Golden Demon 2012 contests! But do you know what several recognized and award winning painters commented on these excellent works? Read on to see their opinions.

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Forge World Chaos Decimator - Review (4)

Ariakas couldn’t resist buying the Forge World Chaos Decimator model! Review was a natural consequence of this purchase. To learn about the new kind of resin, casting quality and miniature painting fan’s opinion – read on…

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Warhammer 40.000 25th Anniversary Space Marine model - review (2)

25th Anniversary of Warhammer 40.000 was commemorated with release of a limited edition Space Marine Captain inspired by the cover of Rogue Trader. Does it set a new standard for Citadel Finecast miniatures or is it just an incidental change in quality? Ańa and Benathai unbox the model…

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Photo: FineCast Jabberslythe - Review (10)

If you follow discussions in the miniature painting world, you must be familiar with Games Workshop’s FineCast line of miniatures. Now you can read a Jabberslythe review to see what good this Warhammer monster is.

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Arctica met a group of gamers in Dubai who had a copy of Dreadfleet to test out for their store. This allowed him to try the game out and report his impressions in this Dreadfleet review.

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Photo: Ańa's ogre showcased on Games Workshop website

Probably most of you know that the latest releases from Games Workshop were new Ogre Kingdoms miniatures. Games Workshop showcased some interesting Ogre Kingdoms miniatures on their website, including Ańa’s Golden Demon winning Ogre Thunderlord on Rhinox.

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Darren Latham - Razza

Razza (Darren Latham) is one of the most admired miniature painters from the ‘Eavy Metal team and a Golden Demon judge. Szary interviewed this fantastic painter and author of many studio paintjobs on Games Workshop miniatures.

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