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Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (8)

Arctica painted a warband of Pirate Orks and kept us updated about this project in our Tale of Gamers section. If you want to see what he came up with and how he did it – read on.

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6th Chest of Colors Miniature Exchange

Just in time for the holidays season we got the 6th Chest of Colors Miniature Exchange running. So if you are not in it yet, check this post to learn more about our miniature exchanges and enjoy your holidays!

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Until now it was available only to the members of our miniature painting forum. Now you can see what painted miniatures were posted to our miniature painting forum in December and choose the Miniature of the Month for December 2011.

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Forum rebuilt?

They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day. And yes, they’re right! But they can say the same about our miniature painting forum! It took us some time to make it what it is now, and we felt it was time to change some things! Read about the changes we introduced.

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