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Clash of Slayer Sword winners 2012

You surely have seen the Slayer Sword winners of Golden Demon 2012 contests! But do you know what several recognized and award winning painters commented on these excellent works? Read on to see their opinions.

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Miniature of the Month: March 2013

Working our way through the backlog of delayed Miniature of the Month editions, we’re at March now. So in May we’ll be able to vote for miniatures presented in April – just as we initially intended. So vote while you still can!

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Miniature of the month February 2013

Late or not, we’re here with the choice of painted miniatures presented in February. March choices will follow soon, so you still have some time for voting.

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Miniature of the month: January 2013

Welcome to this very first Miniature of the Month edition in year 2013. Make the decision and choose your favorite miniatures posted in January here at Chest of Colors. And maybe you would like to join the fun?

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Miniature of the month: December 2012

Yes, it’s the time that you can take a look at works presented on our forum in December and choose your three pretenders to the title of the Miniature of the Month for December 2012. So who’s going to win this month?

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Miniature of the month: October 2012

We’re back with our local mini-competition that you can take part in: we’re choosing the miniature of the month for October 2012. You want to participate in November’s edition? Great, it’s easy: just present your work on our forum!

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Hussar 2012 miniature painting competition - report

This year we were lucky to participate in the third edition of the Hussar miniature painting competition. This event grew to become one of the most important events for miniature painters in Poland, and the main prize – ticket to Crystal Brush 2013 encourages more and more painters to enter.

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We know the winners of Chest of Colors Arena miniature painting contest! Now that they are officially announced, you can check if you or your favorites are among them.

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Chest of Color Arena entries and voting

As you surely remember, Chest of Colors Arena was our first miniature painting competition after a really long (or even: embarrassingly long) break. Now we’re back with the gallery of contest entries and more!

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Chest of Colors Arena miniature painting contest

We’re happy to announce a miniature painting contest again after a very long break. This time we teamed up with Two Hour Wargames, and if this one turns out to be popular – we’ll arrange more contests for you.

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