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How to paint Rasputina the Ice Witch (Alternative) - tutorial

Ana’s paintjob on Rasputina was heavily inspired by HR Giger’s works. Check this “must see” step-by-step tutorial to see how she painted the model, including the freehands and extensive base.

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How to make candles - tutorial

If you ever wanted to add candles to your miniatures, Urbik explains how to make candles for models in scale of Warhammer Fantasy Battles miniatures, like the ones he presented at the Golden Demon contest.

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How to paint ruins bases - tutorial (16)

In this tutorial explaining how to paint ruins bases from Micro Art Studio, Lemartes presents two of many possible colour schemes which you can use while painting ruins – gray (castle) and sand-colored (desert).

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Painting Hell Dorado Immortals warband - tutorial

Hey gamers! Now this is something for you: painting Hell Dorado Immortals warband explained in detailed step-by-step tutorial. Each step from unboxing, through modelling to painting presented on over 100 photos with insightful comments from

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How to make Scavvy bunker - photography background (20)

You must have noticed this piece of sci-fi scenery that Demi_morgana has been using for photos of his painted miniatures. It’s a Scavvy bunker that he built recently, and building of which was described in his latest miniatures. Read on to see how he made it.

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Snow bases - tutorial (1)

Many miniature painters want to add snow bases to their models. They can add a lot to a miniature and don’t have to be difficult to make. In his tutorial Rentall lists 10 simple steps which will allow you to make your own snow base.

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Rzymek loves building and painting big things! This time he wrote this “how to build a tree” tutorial, showing in detail the process of building and painting his Great Mallorn. Useful not only for miniature painters, but also for gamers and scenery makers.

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When you’re done with painting miniatures and basing them, you could consider making a movement tray for them. Rzymek, who has painted many armies and units, explains how to make movement trays for your units.

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Dark Art Miniatures bases - Review

Nameless picked up some Dark Art Miniatures bases and posted a detailed review of this product. What do they look like? What is the casting quality? What do you get for your money? What is the price to quality ratio? You will find answers to all these questions in this review.

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How to make simple bases in 5 steps - Tutorial

The first tutorial in our planned series of tutorials aimed at beginners in the miniature painting hobby. Follow Irkuck through 5 easy steps to create simple but nice bases for your miniatures. Useful especially for wargaming models and when you need to base many models quickly.

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