Nameless Guard

I am slowly rebuilding my gallery. Over the next days, weeks and maybe months you will be bombarded with pics  of minis I have painted over the years.

Nameless Guard
Nameless Guard


Nameless Guard was a special project, my attempt to have a fully painted army – something I have never achieved.

It took me few months of heavy work, but I have succeeded. The army was based on Death Guard / Plague Marines models and a sacred Nurgle’s number (7).

Nameless Guard - Squad Decay
Nameless Guard – Squad Decay
Nameless Guard - Squad Rot
Nameless Guard – Squad Rot


7 units, each with 7 models, plus a chaos lord Nameless making for a total of 50 miniatures.  On top of that, 7 war machines. Most of them are converted.

Some of these you can see in this post. Here’s the link to the full gallery of the Nameless Guard.

Nameless Guard - Land Raider
Nameless Guard – Land Raider
Nameless Guard - Hellbrute Dust
Nameless Guard – Hellbrute Dust


If you wish to learn more how this army came to life, there’s a thread on Chest of Colors forum.

Nameless Guard - Nameless


And if you wish to take this army to battlefields of the 40th century, contact me. It’s not brand new but it has never been used and is ready for sale!

Tale of Gamers – Pirate Orks by Arctica

Now don’t you think that Chest of Colors is only a painters community! We game and we love pictures of painted units doing their best on table tops.  Here at our forum we’ve got a special section called Tale of Gamers, and our friend Arctica posted his Pirate Orks there for us all to see.

Tale of Gamers – what is it about?

In this part of forum any member (if brave enough 😉 ) can start his own tale.  Every thread is devoted to one miniature project. There are no deadlines, no gaming system restrictions and everyone sets his own point goal. As an example it can be:

  • 2250 points Ultramarines army for Warhammer 40000
  • 200 points Lost war band for  Hell Dorado
  • 45 points Khador battle group for Warmachine
  • any Malifaux or Freebooter’s Fate skirmish band
  • Space Hulk, Dreadfleet or maybe Super Dungeon Explore… own point goal

And yeah – you can start as many tales as you wish 🙂 The point of a Tale of Gamers is to motivate each other to paint and finish collections of models.

Tale of Gamers


To show you an example of such a Tale, let’s take a look at Arctica‘s Pirate orks, and read what he said about this project:

Pirate Orks by Arctica

So I first came up with the idea of ork pirates when my friends started playing Necromunda, they wanted me to get involved and join in. So I looked through the current range of models and actually I was not really a fan of any of the gangs so I decided to make a customized gang.

Since I’ve always liked orks but knew there were too many for me to do a sensible force this seemed a good opportunity and the release of the conversion bits for ork pirate heads seemed liked a good time to try this project.

Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (2)
Pirate orks assembled

Plans and preparations

I put the models together and primed them and decided to go for a slightly different approach to the models to break up my usual state of painting. So going for a white primer rather than a black one was to challenge myself and see why other painters took this route.

After painting the first miniature I found it super fun and I was really excited to actually move onto the next model. The encouragement of the painting community here on Chest of Colors miniature painting forum and my own eagerness pushed me through the whole gang very very quickly. My original intention was to use the ork gang to break up any monotonous army painting but I quickly found that the orks were much more interesting than anything else and so I focused everything on them.

In many ways I would say that having 1-2 projects on the go is a good thing but I think for those exceptional projects you never need more than that one. And I kept posting my work up and getting group shots of the whole lot being completed one at a time made me really feel good about a project so I kept rolling with all that drive and motivation and pushed the project to completion very rapidly.

I always have plans for many things, but for now I have plenty of Warmachine models I want to finish so that I can compete at tournaments etc. I have another gang idea floating about but I need to work a few things out first.

If you would like to see Arctica’s tale or even comment it, here is the link to it.

Watch the progress

The most interesting part in having a tale is to watch the progress of an growing army. Here is an example how Arctica did it.

Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (3)

Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (4)

Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (5)

Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (6)

Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (7)

End of the Tale

Enjoy the photos  of each member of pirate crew.

Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (8)
Pirate orks warband ready for gaming!

Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (9)

Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (10)

Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (11)

Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (12)

Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (13)

Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (14)

Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (15)

Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (16)

Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (17)

Tale of Gamers - Pirate Orks by Arctica (18)

Join us – start your own tale!

Did you know that painted miniatures do on table top battlefields much better? And for sure they look better on the shelf. 🙂

So are you a gamer? Does the possibility to play with painted miniatures motivates you to paint? Join other painters that try to turn metal piles of lead soldiers into battle ready killing machines. We help, comment and discuss about our armies and the most important we motivate each other.

Remember, there are no rules or strict schedules here. This forum section is always open for anyone who wants to challenge himself with any army/war band/ battle group. It is just simple fun helping to win one big prize – your own fully painted army.

And finally: what do you think about this kind of projects? Are they interesting to you? Are they motivating and encouraging? Why don’t you leave a comment to tell us if you want to read about our other tales and share your other suggestions with us. Thank you!