Still painting…

You know I tried to post here as often as I could. And then I disappeared. No explanation, no warning. My life changed drastically and for two years I was so deeply involved in my work that I could hardly find any time for anything else. I also was pretty limited in what I was allowed and what not. Fortunately recently things have changed and I can start sharing my hobby with you again.


Of course I will explain it all soon, but now I just wanted to prove I am still painting. I haven’t quit, I didn’t change my hobby and I didn’t change my job (well, I kind of did, but it still involves a lot of painting ;)). Those of you who have been following me on instagram, may know a part of what I was doing, but more is coming! 🙂 And let this photo serve as a proof of what I say:

Cyclops from Mixed Dimensions, painting inspired by Warhammer trolls
Cyclops from Mixed Dimensions, painting inspired by Warhammer trolls

More explanations will follow in another post, as there is a lot to tell you about. I don’t even know where to start… So stay tuned for some more news on our Facebook page or just keep checking oiur website 🙂

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