The game keeps pretending to give me epics

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The game keeps pretending to give me epics

Post by BernardWells » 5 May 2018, o 08:57


My last epics consisted of: Doom, Molten giant (which is both crap and I already have 2 of them), shadowform (have to of them), pyroblast (have 2 of them), golden sea reaver, stablemaster (how is this an epic?), crowd favorite (not horrible but still bad), hungry crab, hungry crab, hungry crab (as I already listed, I have 2 of them now) and patient assassin. Then there were gladiators longbow, sword of justice, murloc warleader, golden frost giant and snake trap, which are all between decent and good, but those are my only remotely good ones?

Please help.

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