photo progress?

What good is a nice miniature if you don't know how to show it?

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photo progress?

Post by tkkultist » 15 Jun 2006, o 02:37

Well when I posted my last batch of pics i got some criticism about them being sub par - here is an example. :oops:

ImageClick to see full-sized image

As promised I am working on learning my camera and how to make my pics look nice - here is my latest:

ImageClick to see full-sized image

Almost the same lighting setup(slightly different angle on one lamp)

I have switched from the white to a black bristol board background and am finding that it dramatically changes the look of the picture - I will be getting a couple of the blue/white transition backgrounds done up at my local print shop in the next few days to try as well. What do y'all think - is it getting clearer without the stark white?

What I am hoping here is that I can get some constructive feedback and hopefully some eventual confirmation that I am moving in the right direction (well heres to hoping anyway!) :wink:

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RE: photo progress?

Post by mahon » 15 Jun 2006, o 11:07

I like the black one - at least for this mini, but white has one advantage: it's easier to focus on the mini as it doesn't distract from it and generally makes it better visible.

What bothered me on the white one was that it looked so unreal as if the mini was cut from its original background in some photoediting application and pasted onto a clear background. But I can see it was a real white background... I think the problem was a slight overexposure of the photo. The colors seem to be washed out a bit from some parts of the mini.Maybe reduse te exposure a bit?
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Re: RE: photo progress?

Post by Hosea » 15 Jun 2006, o 11:20

I wish I could take good pic as you do, Mahon.


RE: Re: RE: photo progress?

Post by Django » 15 Jun 2006, o 12:32

It looks a little as if the pixels had a hard time loading up!
I am not an camera expert but it seem the as if the pixels are not that concentrated, like you were using it for long distance?!
Why not try the portret switch to on :?

Don't get me wrong but these simple mistakes are easilly made...



Post by tkkultist » 15 Jun 2006, o 14:45

@Mahon - I will try fiddling with my settings a bit more and post the results

@django - im not sure what you mean about the pixels but I will try some different photo formats - these were done in manual mode with the super macro setting on a 5mp cam. I will try the portrait setting as you suggest.

EDIT - I may have figured out the pixelation problem - It may happen when I run my pics through the editor to crop and resize...... I will have to look into this more - thanks again

@all - thanks for the feedback


Post by Mordred » 15 Jun 2006, o 15:07

the darker background certainly improves picture quality here, you might want to give it a try with a lighter, beige background instead of this very dark one.


Post by Dragyn » 15 Jun 2006, o 15:31

watching this topic with interest to help me take batter pics as well.



Post by INFERNO » 15 Jun 2006, o 16:41

And we can molestate mahon for a tut about taking photos... :>

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Re: photo progress?

Post by elizageorge » 17 May 2019, o 18:32

What afflicted me on the white one was once that it looked so unreal as if the mini was cut from its usual background in some photoediting software and pasted onto a transparent heritage. But i will see it was once a real white heritage... I consider the difficulty was once a slight overexposure of the photograph. The colors appear to be washed out a little bit from some parts of the mini.Might be reduse te publicity slightly. Best Essay Writing Service

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