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Re: Scott Radom's stuff.

Post by ScottRadom »

Thanks for the comment, you're right about not enough focus driven to the eyes for sure.

I haven't been around in a long while. Been golfing a ton this summer which isn't a very long season around my area. I picked up this Ork from Kromlech. I really like the mini, and I had to work hard to finish this mini as I struggle with black leather. Here he is, thanks for looking!

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Re: Scott Radom's stuff.

Post by Hellspawn »

Leather is nice, though, green skin is too dark imo. Well, it's just cause I like flashy green skin :)
Besides that, nice job :)
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Re: Scott Radom's stuff.

Post by Nameless »

paintjob looks a bit washed out, Scott. not sure if this is a picture or painting issue.
anyway, I'll keep whispering in your ear - contrast, contrast, contrast...
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Re: Scott Radom's stuff.

Post by arctica »

The whole model seems a little glossy perhaps from the light source ? did you change your setup? :)

I agree with Phil on this one, more contrast, nice and neat but i know you can push that contrast more ! :D
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